Netsuai (Naono Bohra)


You missed the yaoi, didn’t you?  Well, even if you didn’t, I did, so I hopped over to Mangago and randomly picked something short to read.  Here we have Netsuai (Naono Bohra) [Apparently, you have to look it up that way, as there is another Netsuai) a story of brotherly “love.”





Normally incest is a non-starter for me, but this one is different because even though the two men are technically brothers, they are stepbrothers who didn’t get to know each other until they were both adults.

Kazuki is what we’d call a “trust fund baby” over here.  His family is old money and traditional, but, after his mother died, he’s just been sort of drifting around, working odd jobs.  He’s a waiter at a wine shop when we catch up with him, and his annoyingly successful older stepbrother, Souya shows up with an unusual proposal.  “Come live with me.”

Kazuki has actually been avoiding Souya ever since that one time when they accidentally fell into bed together.  Souya is everyone’s dream date: not only is he working as a model, but he’s also a successful novelist.  His biggest flaw: he’s kind of an intense stalker who doesn’t really take ‘no’ for an answer.

I kind of feel like this one panel tells you everything you need to know:


I adore the creepy smile and the little heart here.

Alas, the otouto is a bit of a weeper, but some of the sex is fairly hot, if you’re okay with aggressive, pushy, whoops-I-accidentally-tied-you-up sort of relationships.  🙂

The version I found had all the best bits censored out, and there’s a bit more family politics plot than I needed, but it was an enjoyable, quick and dirty read.