Flaver by Sachimo



Instead of a meet-cute, this yaoi gives us a meet-skeevy.  When Shimojou comes across Kuze, Kuze is being beat-up in an alley.  He’s possibly homeless, but definitely a hustler.  Shimojou scares off Kuze’s attackers, brings him home for a shower, and Kuze offers to pay Shimojou back for his kindness with sex.  Shimojou says, “If you’re doing this for money, how about you let me keep you as a pet?”

Alrighty then!





Except the mangaka decides porn is not its own reward (wrong!) and complicates what could be deliciously naughty plot-what-plot with a complex backstory. Apparently, Shimojou is kind of an evil genius with a penchant for blackmail. Because of this, he’s always been able to get whatever he wants out of life.  The only time he was ever thwarted was back in high school; the hottie popular kid beat him in the race for class president.

Hey guess who that class president was?

In the coincidence that snapped the suspenders of disbelief, it’s none-other-than KUZE.  And, apparently, it isn’t enough to discover that your old rival is currently a homeless gigolo, AND to rescue him and get a blowjob in return for the favor…. no. No, Shimojou apparently wants to make “bringing Kuze down” his mission in life.

Good luck, dude.  Kuze kinda already seems like he scraping the bottom of the barrel, but okay, if housing him, feeding him, sexing him up, and giving him pocket change is your idea of “bringing him down” sounds more like sugar daddy good to me!

Alas, as I say above, this manga stops just as its getting started, which is a shame, honestly. I think I would have loved this whole mission of Shimojou’s.  I guess I will have to fill in with my own fantasies about the degradation Shimojou will put Kuze through….

But “Flaver”? What is that? Some kind of attempt at a hep-cat “Flavor”? Or a “Japanlish” misprint?

Perhaps Sachimo-sensei intended “Flava”?


Maybe it’s just as well that’s NOT the title, eh?