In These Words by TogaQ+ KichikuNeko


What is with manhuas? Why are they so well drawn?  Why are the stories so… right up my kinky alley?





Bad news first.  In These Words is another one that I have not found scanlated.  I picked up this volume at Quatrefoil, and no one seems to be scanning this.  Worse, when I went to look to see if I might just go ahead and buy the second volume in English from the publishers… the price on was… unreasonable (Like, seriously, 69 dollars!)

This is a huge shame, because this manhua is stunningly illustrated and the story is kinky af.

The story follows psychologist, Asano Katsuya, a renown U.S.-trained, criminal profiler. The Tokyo police have hired Asano-sensei to get a confession out of Shinobara Keiji, a serial killer.

A couple curious circumstances arise, however.  One, Asano-sensei keeps having these extremely vivid nightmares about being one of Shinobara’s victims.  In fact, the volume starts with a prologue (written, like, as a light-novel, which is funky,) that makes you think Asano was maybe picked up by Shinobara  at a coffee shop, drugged, and held captive for weeks.  Only… after several wonderfully explicit panels of all the torture, Asano wakes up.  It’s all been a dream.

Or has it?

A young detective has shown up at Asano’s apartment to take him to talk to the chief of police about the big assignment.  Except, sensei has kind of forgotten where he’s supposed to be going or what he’s supposed to be doing.  It seems that Asano-sensei has not only been plagued by the vivid nightmares, but also these odd headaches.

Add on top of that, we find out when the police chief explains his mission to him, Shinobara has requested him specifically…. in fact, he won’t talk to any other psychologist and they need this confession, pronto.

Thus, the reader is left with an uneasy feeling that maybe these dreams aren’t just empathetic projection.

That feeling is underscored by the fact that at one point the young detective ‘reminds’ Asano-sensei to take a pill that sensei does NOT remember being prescribed… and that immediately brings on the headache again.

Something is clearly going on between Asano and Shinobara.

Only what, exactly?  Was he a former victim? Will be a new one?

The volume ends just when Shinobara has come up with a way to corner the doctor… and I pretty much ripped through the internet desperate to get my hands on volume 2 to find out what happens next.


The art is amazing, did I mention?

[IM] In These Words - Vol01 - Ch03 - p102.jpg

Also all the sex is explicit, no invisible penises.

I’m so bummed not to have more of this, AND that I can’t share it with you because it’s not on-line, anywhere.

Sad face.

Play Boy Blues by Shiuko Kano


There are five volumes of Play Boy Blues available on Mangago.  I’m… going to be stopping at the first volume, alas.   Normally, I’m all about gay gigolos. This time…? Meh.





I feel I understand what Shiuko-sensei is trying to do here, but it’s not translating.  (In some cases, literally. I went through the Mangago scanlation to refresh my memory and in places I could barely track the dialogue.) But, I think she’s trying to have these two guys–Junuke (brunette) and Shinobu (blond)–be realistic, heart-hearted, manly-men… only 100% gayer.

And, somehow gay = drama (and tears!), so they end up reading more like emo teenagers. “You’re jealous!” “No, you’re jealous-er!”

OMG please, no, boys. Stop with the dialogue and get back to the invisible penis sex!

There does, at least, seem to be a lot of sex happening in the first volume.  I suppose I should tell you the set-up, huh?  A couple of years ago, Shinobu recruited Junuke to work as a host at a club.  Now, Shinobu is semi-retired and Junuke is the new number one.  When doing an “after,” Shinobu ends up falling into bed with a paying customer–nothing new, right? Except, this time, it’s a GUY.  Having experienced the magic that is Teh Gay, Shinobu starts looking at Junuke, who has been his roommate (with benefits!), in a new light–an emotional light.  Sure, Shinobu and Junuke have f*cked before, of course, loads of times, but when this new hook-up makes his love confession, a light goes on for Shinobu–but in his HEART, not his head.  He starts to realize that maybe, all this time, he’s been a little bit smitten.

As far as ‘OH HOLY CRAP I MIGHT BE GAY’ moments go, I have to admit that I find this one fairly plausible.

There’s a LONG established relationship. The two guys have been living together for over a year, f*cking on and off, like you do when you’re a carefree gigolo, apparently.  So, to suddenly stop and think, “Whoa, what if I actually like-like him!?” is pretty legit, in my book.

But you see what I mean about the manly-men, but with 100% more gay now, right? These are two dude-ly dudes who do NOT with emotion, except…. suddenly they do.  And, that part doesn’t quite work for me, alas.

I wonder if I could read Japanese, if the dialogue would be more nuanced and interesting.  Usually, when translations vary this widely, as they do between the printed copy and the scanlated copy, that often means that the language is subtle, rich. (Weirdly, I first came across this phenomenon in Bleach. The official translations often read like an entirely different chapter than what the fan translator posited.)  So, maybe Play Boy Blues deserves its subsequent four volumes.  I just wasn’t invested enough in them to push onward.

TBF, I’m also in a weird reading mood right now. Does this ever happen to you?  I read a book I really enjoyed, but when I was done, even though I had two other books already picked out for myself to read in basically the same genre, I just haven’t picked them up.  My family calls this “book ennui.” (I suppose to be proper, we should call it “le livre ennui,” but you don’t want to hear my bad French accent, trust me.)

My point–and I do have one–is that it’s possible that in any other week, I might have found Play Boy Blues (colloquially known as PBB!) charming.  This week I can barely drum up a ‘meh.’

Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist #86


The latest Ao no Exorcist #86 by Katou Kazue is out… kinda. I had to find a downloadable version because there’s something wonky with MangaPanda’s link. Mangastream doesn’t seem to have it yet, and my other usual places are also mysteriously corrupted.

Could it be…… SATAN??





Before I get too far into my review, I have to say that Blue Exorcist currently gets my vote for some of the very best in shounen manga being written.  I think I have a new-found girl-crush on Katou-sensei.

Big time.

So, okay, when last we left our intrepid heroes–in this case Bon and Lightning, they had just discovered the cloning facility that existed in the pocket alternate universe in the basement of the Holy Cross Academy. Not only that, but the clones were specifically ones of the eight demon kings.

As Light says:


Yep, pretty damn evil.

Mephisto, having been spying on them this whole time, ‘natch, does one of his weird-a$$ spells that lands our boys, naked (because why not?) in the bath, back in our time and space. There was some other action with the containers exploding and Light doing one of his “and et cetera” spells, but, honestly, I don’t think much of what happened in that scene was terribly important–other than the general suspicion that some of these clones are people we KNOW, for certain Amamon.

Back in the bath, the boys are treated to a history lesson… which I f*cking loved.

In it, we learn that demons are kind of just a concept. But, as humans developed, their edges began to be noticed, and eventually they were able to become incarnate by possession.  There was a war in heaven (as it were) about whether or not humans were useful, Lucifer being in the “nope” camp, and Mephisto being “yep.”

Which… let me take a moment to lay down a little cautionary tale. I’m not sure we should believe Mephisto here, this is literally a COMPLETE REVERSAL of what Lucifer’s name means. Lucifer is often understood to be translated as “bringer of the dawn” or “light bearer” (or “morning star,” but that’s a whole other thing,) and there are plenty of apocryphal ideas out there in which Lucifer is a knowledge bringer, an illuminator–that it’s THAT kind of ‘light’ he bears.  Of course, in his guise as the snake in the garden of Eden, Lucifer is the one who gave us “the knowledge of good and evil.”

I think it’s also telling here, that sensei chose to draw this “knowledge” as a flame (could it look more like a falling angel, too? And who was the first of the fallen? “How you have fallen from heaven, oh, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” [Isaiah 14:12] ):


Mephistopheles, meanwhile, is translated as “plasterer of LIES.”

Just sayin’

So… back to the story.

I guess the war gets kind of resolved, but a problem remains: demons burn through bodies like fire through paper.  The stronger you are, the faster you degenerate.  And, it’s horrible and painful and Lucifer is sick of it. He’s in so much pain that he thinks it’s a grand idea to just let go–become an idea again. Only problem is that expelling that much energy at once is an extinction-level event. For ALL of us.

The other demon kings are not so keen.

Mephisto, in particular, uses his forked, silver tongue to convince his brother that cloning is a better deal.  So, yeah, here’s the confirmation Light was looking for: all this “pretty damn evil” stuff was done under the aegis of Holy Cross Academy.

Then we lead up to my girl-crush moment….


I’m, OFFICIALLY, in love.

She points out through Mephisto’s narration that cloning doesn’t f*cking make perfect copies. Turns out, that’s not how it works. So all this effort into cloning isn’t enough. The bodies have to be enhanced and altered through horrific experiments.  Finally, a few start to take, specifically Amamon’s.  But, Lucifer is still a big problem.

One day… (and I bet you can guess just about how long ago)… the perfect vessel was born.

Unfortunately, another soul gets there first.

Mephisto describes it as the essence of Gehenna… which kids, you all understand, is the Jewish analog to Hell.  It’s Light who puts it together, I think, and realizes… could it be…. SATAN?


Yes, it *is* Satan.  Satan stole Lucifer’s body-double.

And, thus, began the road that led to the Blue Night.

Bon has some kind of epiphany here at the end of the chapter that I have to admit I don’t quite understand. It may be that he’s finally realizing that the poor Okumura brothers have been given way too much credit for causing the massive clusterf*ck that is the Blue Night… or I missed something critical about their involvement that Bon pieced together but didn’t quite spell out for us.

If you think you have it figured out, please tell me.

My other moment of deep appreciation for Blue Exorcist actually falls to the translators. I don’t know if the scan I read came direct from Viz Media or if it was a fan scanlation, but whoever translated  the kanji for “half-breed” to “nephilim” is a f*cking genius and I love you and your apocryphal Biblical scholarship! I think, technically, the singular is ‘naphil’ but no one but me and three other people would ever recognize that, so good on YOU, translator-person, for realizing that 9 out of 10 people have likely heard the word ‘nephilim’ and know that it refers to the offspring of demons/fallen angels. (Elohim, one of the names of God in Hebrew, is actually plural. Think on that for two seconds.)

But, okay, enough of my Biblical geekery.

What’d you all think?

Pleasure Dome / Kanrakukyuu by Megumu Minami

Well… here’s a first.  Despite Pleasure DomeKanrakukyuu having been officially translated into English and published by KittyMedia, it does not seem to be available on any pirate sites, outside of a few .pdf…. which is a shame because there are several chapter that include some very lovely kinbaku/shibari.

I got this one, of course, at Quatrefoil Library….






First of all, the entire kink of this yaoi is: non-con/rape.  So, if that’s not your thing: move along, there’s nothing to see here.

There are five distinct stories in Pleasure Dome/Kanrakukyuu: “Pleasure Dome,” “Desire on Fire,” “Hell for a Fallen Angel,”Cantarella,” and “L’Amour Belong to You.”

The title chapter starts with our hapless hero, Roland, having been captured as an assassin.  By chance, his old rival, Oliver is a hostage/servant of the evil king. Oliver, it should be noted has the VERY BEST HAIR:


I am now officially a pirate. This is my own scan. Anyway, check out the HAIR.

The evil king, however, is pretty darned evil… and kicky as f*ck. In fact, it was kind of nice of Roland to show up because it saved him the trouble of kidnapping yet other hot dude to sexually enslave in his pleasure dome.  Since we’re stealing from poems anyway, (“Song of Roland,” anyone?–though the mangaka acknowledges the borrow in the back matter, at least,) let’s throw in some Coleridge, am I right?  I can not NOT start that:

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan 
A stately pleasure-dome decree:

But, anyway—getting back on track…

So, poor Roland, right? Evil king really wants him ready to be ‘deflowered’ as part of some kinky gathering of the local kinky dudes, so he puts Simon in charge of softening him up (or stretching him out, as the case may be.)  There are a lot of creative ‘training’ scenes, including a saddle device worthy of something out of The Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice (which, d’uh, I not only have read ALL of, but own). The big day comes (as it were!) and Roland is having none of it. He smacks up his would be deflowerer causing Simon to have to intercede to save his life… by becoming the stand-in deflowerer ‘natch!

This public sex/humiliation sparks their hidden love and the chapter ends with Simon and Roland teaming up to murder the kinky evil king.


Next we get a tale set in India during the British conquest. We have Bimbisara, an Indian warlord, who captures Errol, the commander of the British army. Bimbisara knows just how tough these British bastards are, so he’s not going to try physical torture. No, he’s going to break Errol by teaching him the Kama Sutra!

Here’s the black-and-white splash page so you can get a load of these guys:


It basically works.

At some point Bimbisara falls for Errol and decides to let him go, which turns out to be a bad idea because the British do not leave an area unconquered so guess who ends up captured next?  That’s right: Bimbisara. This turns out to be a good thing for Errol because since his release from Bimbisara, he can NOT satisfy himself. He’s tried. Oh, yeah, many times, but nothing it doing it for him. He really needs to have Bimbisara do him good, and, you know, when you’re the jailer you have privileges.  Except, turns out Bimbisara’s a pretty tough guy, too. The only way Errol can get Bimbisara to give him pleasure is to droozle himself in honey and milk.

Bimbisara later escapes by seducing a male guard, and Errol is pretty pissed off. When Bimbisara decides to kind of randomly take his life by lying out in the sun,  Errol is even madder… and so am I, because: what?

But, I guess that a love affair between the British and India is just not to be. Stars just a little too crossed, perhaps.

Next up is “Hell for Fallen Angel,” which is more capture and sexual torture porn. This time, we have a Christian who has fallen into the hands of the Japanese government in Maruyama during the Shogunate.  All I know about this time period, I learned from “Samurai Champloo” so that’s probably very historically accurate.

That’s okay, I doubt this is either.

For instance, I highly doubt that male prostitutes/whoremongers were hired to ‘seduce’ Christians until they renounce their God–although, who knows?  This particular chapter has the lovely kinbaku and a lot of talk about how the brothel owner used to be a Christian himself, but God let him down. His sister was taken, you see, and forced to be raped by a horse. That’s pretty awful right? Well, all his praying diid not help, so now he gleefully rapes Christians.

Apparently the Christian’s faith makes brothel proprietor weak. He’s going to let this amazingly resilient Christian go, but instead of just walking away and making a clean escape, Christian turns tables and captures brothel guy.  Somehow (and I mean, like there’s hardly any transition between panels,) brothel guy is about to be dumped into a pit of tortured souls–a place called Hell.

But it might just be that the Christian guy is an angel and brothel guy has been taken to  real Hell, because, lo and behold, there’s brothel guy’s sister, who is supposed to be dead.  Brother and sister start naked smooching, which makes Christian think “no, you were supposed to make me your lover… I can’t take this. He belongs to me,”  and we get this, with a line you can’t see which reads: Another angel falling…


The fourth story is an abrupt change of pace.  It’s a kind of spy-thriller maybe? Murder mystery? We have three step/half-brothers: Richard, Thomas, and Seishu. Seishu might not be related, actually–he might just have been the brothers’ father’s lover.

Regardless Richard has taken these two men hostage because he says his father has died under mysterious circumstances–probably poisoning–and he’s going to do sexy nasty things to them both until someone confesses.

This chapter has a LOT of sexy stuff. Tons of bondage and various S&M tortures abound.  I hate to admit how much I enjoyed that part.

But the story?  I’m not even sure I can keep it straight. Apparently the father used to stick absinthe up Seishu’s ass, get him so drunk that he hardly knew who he was fucking, which might actually have been Thomas (despite Thomas’s vows to become a priest).  And, maybe dad wasn’t involved at all because Richard sure knows a LOT of the intimate (as it were!) details.  The only confession that ends up coming out is a love confession between Seishu and Thomas, and somehow that’s actually what Richard wanted all along, because despite what he said? Dad died of a heart attack.


Good sexy times in that one, but not so much on the plot.

The last one was my least favorite partly because I had a nearly impossible time telling the two lovers apart.  Two guys literally run into each other on the street.  Like, this one guy, Cecil, is thinking about this horrible arranged marriage his family has made for him, and, not looking where he’s going plows into a another guy and gets knocked over.

A cute-meet, if I ever read one!

Except here’s where things get confusing.  He’s the heir to some massively important family (maybe? Or it’s the other guy, Louis?) and Louis talks Cecil into hiring him as a manservant.  When Louis presses Cecil as to why he was so distracted, Cecil admits he really can NOT with this arranged marriage.

Because they look so much alike, they agree to switch places for the big date, prince and the pauper style.


After the non-stop nakedness of the last chapter, I think my brain just found this one too “talkie” because it went on for a while and something got resolved–one of them was maybe impotent because of French maid (not kidding) who molested him, but luckily the magic of Teh Gay Sex cures that right up!

Then the story just sort of ends, probably with the guys in love, and I couldn’t have cared less because where were the anal eggs, you know?

I would totally recommend this one, if you could get it anywhere without paying for it. Oh, I know! You could take it out of the library!

Odoru Ecstasy/ To Dance in Ecstasy by Natsushita Fuyu

I guess I have to start the new year with a confession.  I’m a dirty old lady.  This is not probably news to some of you, but here’s the thing. I sometimes scroll down the yaoi hashtag on Tumblr.  Trust me, this is a fairly terrifying thing to do.  Some of the things you see can not be unseen, not matter how hard you try.

Then, sometimes I hit a piece of art that acts as a recommendation.

I saw a very graphic panel from Odoru Ecstasy that made me hunt it down. The story seems to be on-going, but there are only two chapters out currently.






So, remember Ten Dance? I reviewed it here some months ago.  It was a problematic yaoi about professional ballroom dancers, who were none the less hot and kind of compelling.

Well, Odoru Ecstasy is also about dancers and is also kind of problematic-yet-compelling, but in a different way.

Our hero, Suzushiroi, is a professional dancer.  He’s gone to an audition for a show called “Exit.” While he’s working on the number for his audition, he sees this total slacker dude who spends his entire practice time nodding off in the corner.  But, when slacker boy goes to dance, we find out that his name is Nagaya and he’s super talented. Like the electricity goes up in the room several notches, because he’s just that good.

Poor Suzushiroi figures, ‘Well, damn, that’s it. I’m not getting into the show.’  He goes to the bathroom to try to give himself a little pep talk and who should he run into but  hotty-slacker Nagaya.

Suzushiroi tries to be a good Japanese guy and, despite how awful it makes him feel, he tells Nagaya how impressed he was. Nagaya takes this as an invitation to rape him.


Um. It’s kind of worse, because Nagaya tosses a pill at Suzushiroi… which he accidentally swallows.


We find out it’s…


Things proceed from there.  Apparently Mr. Bathroom Assaulter, Nagaya, comes to dance practices with a giant bottle of lube at the ready, so it’s not just like awkward grabby assault, but full-on anal rape.

“No” here is also accompanied by punching, so it’s not like Suzushiroi is just being coy.

Worse, after stumbling out of the bathroom, Suzushiroi finds out he’s made it in, but as an alternate.  Rapey-Nagaya is in the cast.  There’s some creepy ‘I guess we’ll see each other again’ talk from Nagaya and then we go into the next chapter.

Where it kind of looks like maybe Suzushiroi is doing okay, because Nagaya has not showed up to a single rehearsal since the first day when he just insulted everyone’s talent. So, no more harassment off that guy, at least.  Of course, life still sucks for Suzushiroi because he’s stuck doing grunt work while everyone else practices. We find out that Suzushiroi, who was very adamant last chapter that he “likes girls,” has actually always wanted to share the dance stage with a particular guy–Hide.  The fact that Hide is in the show makes Suzushiroi’s non-participation that much harder for him to bear.  Here’s his chance… slipping away.

Then we cut to a scene of Nagaya masterbating to a tape of Suzushiroi’s dance audition. I suspect this is here so that we might think that maybe Nagaya’s random assault was actually something less nefarious (we did, btw, get an omake at the end of the last chapter that showed that the “pill” that was popped at Suzushiroi was actually a harmless peppermint Tic-Tac.)

The cast office has been trying to get Nagaya to show up because the show is about to go live.  I guess the reason they just don’t replace Nagaya with Suzushiroi is that pretty much everyone agrees that Nagaya might be a bastard, but he’s got Talent.  For some reason, Nagaya actually decides to show up, but it’s late at night so he’s not expecting anyone to be around. Lo and behold, there’s the man of his fantasies, Suzushiroi, practicing on his own.

Suzushiroi sees him and makes a run for it (like you would!) But, somehow Nagaya convinces him that they should dance together.

It’s, of course, amazing, and Suzushiroi thinks all sorts of thoughts like ‘just being with him makes my dancing more intense.’

When Suzushiroi admonishes Nagaya for wasting his prodigious talent, they have another fight about how much of an asshole/arrogant slacker Nagaya is. YET SOMEHOW they end up f*cking again.

I mean, punching is apparently foreplay for Nagaya and that’s more than a little problematic.

The art is pretty, though, and it’s graphic in all the right ways for me. If it was a little less rape-y, I’d be able to recommend it more strongly.

But that’s Tumblr for you, folks.

Selfish Love / Kunshusama no koiha katte by Naduki Koujima

There’s some conflict about the Japanese title of this manga. It’s either as listed above (via Wikipedia) or Kunshusama no Koi no Oaite (via Baka-Updates.)  Normally, I’m tempted to trust Baka-Updates on principle, but I’m intrigued by the fact that Wikipedia 1) had an entry, and 2) tells me this is literally translated as “The Monarch’s Lover.”

The other note of interest is that, for the English-language version, the setting was changed from a high school to a university.

Probably because of all that rape…







First we have to talk about this art.  Okay, yes, it’s a trope, that anime/manga eyes are larger than normal, but this…

This is a mutation:


You need to see someone about your condition, son….

This bug-eyed monster is Ryuya Fujio.  He’s the main character for the first three chapters of this volume (and then the rest of the second volume).  I spent a lot of time trying to decide if his eyes were that big naturally, or if I was just supposed to imagine that they seem bigger because of the glasses he wears.

I finally decided it was just bad art.

The cute-meet of Selfish Love leaves something to be desired, too.  It’s missing …. a set-up for starters.  We end up getting a kind of love-interest backstory, but it’s not very compelling and very late in the game. Instead, we jump right in to the lusting. Ryuya is called into the honor society’s office by its president, Orito Kuroha. You see, Orito needs to pick a VP, and he wants Ryuya.

No, I mean, REALLY wants.

Ryuya says no. To all of it–he doesn’t want to be vice-president of the honor society and he does NOT want Orito’s disgusting homosexual advances. (Note: there’s a lot of saying ‘no’ and not being listened to AS WELL AS a lot of ‘get your perverted hands off me, you disgust me’)

Orito, being a rich dude, has never heard this word “no” before in his spoiled, pampered life. He always gets what he wants, and he wants Ryuya.

He hits on Ryuya. Ryuya just plain hits back.

Cue central conflict (physical as well as thematic), including a tragic (maybe supposed to be heartwarming?) backstory in which we discover this isn’t the first time Orito has beat-up Ryuya….

Normally, I love me a good class conflict, especially when the poor guy who stands up to the rich guy and says “no,” but the world-building needs more meat than: rich people suck. It’s not that I disagree, but “some rich kid beat me up in Kendo Club and now I despise all rich kids” seems a little shallow, when, you know, there are plenty of legit reasons to hate people who have money and power and abuse it.

Also, Ryuya is so homophobic that he doesn’t even notice his best friend, Kyogo, is super-gay. Poor Kyogo keeps asking Ryuya out and gets friend-zoned over and over. Kyogo was my favorite, honestly. He got in on money, but his dad is a famous actor. So famous that people are always asking if Kyogo can get an autograph to which he says, cryptically, “My dad and I aren’t close.” Curious!  Thing is, he was at least decent. He seemed to genuinely care about Kyogo. I wanted him and Ryuya to get together. But, that doesn’t happen. I had hopes in the second volume, but, no, all that happens is that Kyogo gets physically pushy and basically pushes Ryuya right into confessing love for Orito.

Which is a shocker, because I was pretty convinced Ryuya was so homophobic that he could actually resist the magical, transformative power of Teh Gay yaoi-style.

But, when all else fails, pull out the high school play trope and be sure to have the heroine, who is set to play Juliet to Orito’s Romeo, fall ill and Ryuya be the only one available to cross-dress for the part (oh, and as a bonus, have the BFF/rival Kyogo step in to play Tybalt.)

I found this whole thing messy and unconvincing, frankly.

There are two shorts in the first volume, however, which are much smuttier and straight-forward (AS IT WERE).

The first is “Sweet Seduction” in which our hero comes over to his best friend’s younger brother’s place for a lesson in English and gets a lesson in love, instead.  Or as the younger brother puts it, “How about we try a little shock therapy!”

The second one, “Luscious Intoxication” starts with our hero waking up after a hard night of drinking on the job (the couple looks so much like the previous two, I thought it as a continuation at first… maybe it is? Maybe this is after our previous hero has met up with the English-speaking clients…? Except this guy says he’s the manager?..)  At any rate, the boss presses his advantage… in more ways than one!

Then we get “Worst Day” involves that creepy kid from your high school admitting he’s always staring at you because he wants to fuck you, the end.

“Strange Smile” actually continues with creepy kid, who has now found you in a hurt/comfort situation. Turns out, you got in a knife fight (apparently, you are a delinquent).  Creepy kid lives just around the corner (convenient!) and also figures the best way to clean your wound IS WITH HIS TONGUE.  Sex convinces you that “he’s not that bad, after all.”

Not sure why that got into second person there for a moment, but there you go.  In the end, I found the little shorts more satisfying. I think this was true because the mangaka actually sucks at storytelling, and it hardly matters when the point is to just get the two guys to the point of getting it on.

You can find this one at Quatrefoil Library, too, though I’m less sure why you’d want to….

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Okay, wow, this is a surprise. I’ve been nominated by Yousoro!

I have a tendency with any blog, but especially this one, to feel like I’m shouting into the void (even though I know I have very loyal followers. Waving at you, AuntyA!) So because of my fragile blogosphere-ego, to be tagged like this is amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I, in turn, nominate:

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And, now, following the “rules” of this award, I will list 7 things about myself and then post the list of rules.


7 Things about Myself

  1. I’m old enough to be your mom.  (I’ll be 50 in 2017.)  This is particularly noticeable because I run in anime/manga fandom, where the median age seems to be about 15. Sometimes, I worry that I’m that creepy old lady; other times, I get to have a PM on Tumblr wherein I legitimately inspire some young person to know that you don’t have to give up on fandom when you “grow-up.”
  2. In the place I live, the air gets cold enough to freeze any exposed skin in minutes.  Minneapolis/St. Paul has had recorded temperatures colder than the surface of Mars.
  3. This blog started as a podcast, hence its name. ‘Cast…. ‘Kast…get it??  There are now YouTubers using the same name. This is not me.
  4. When I applied to college, I had to list my religion as “other.”  I was raised secular humanist Unitarian Universalist.  Despite that, I attended a Roman Catholic grade school and a Lutheran college.
  5. A friend of mine won the Hugo Award for short fiction. I went to WorldCON with her and because of that, I got to sit next to George R. R. Martin at the award ceremony. (Technically, his handler/assistant sat between us, but IT TOTALLY STILL COUNTS.)
  6. When I was a kid, if you’d asked me what I was going to be when I grew up, I would have told you: lawyer. I even started out in political science as an undergrad.  But, secretly in my heart of hearts, I wanted to DRAW (not write, see below for the irony,) for Marvel Comics. At the above mentioned college, most people would have insisted I was an art major because of how I dressed and how much time I spent in the art department.  My first grown-up job was teaching drawing and writing cartoons to 6 to 10 year old kids. I have a DeviantArt account under my fannish name.
  7. Speaking of fandom, I am a writer of both copious amounts of fan fic and novels. Like, published novels. Yes. I have my own Wikipedia entry.


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