Today, We Continue Our Lives Together Under One Roof by Inui Ayu

I’ve been in a yuri mood for some reason. By chance I came across this autobiographical manga called Today, We Continue Our Lives Together Under One Roof.

The story being autobiographical, I don’t feel I can say a WHOLE lot about the actual content of the story in terms of whether or not the storyline was satisfying because, you know, it’s just someone’s actual life.






Our story is just as it says on the tin: the continuing saga of the mangaka, Inui Ayu, and her real-life girlfriend, Kon (pictured above.) They pretty much prove the rule that the real Gay Agenda is… (drum roll, please!) …watching movies together and doing laundry! Yeah, basically, just living normal, boring lives together.

It is clear that the two of them are very lovely-dovey, but if you’re tuning in hoping for some funny stories or misadventures, this is not the manga for you. It’s very, very, VERY slice-of-life in a way that I adore.

We do, as the above set of panels shows, get to know both women though the story. Inui tells us how they met, etc., but, as I have already suggested, there’s not a huge amount of actual story, per se. However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the eighteen chapters that are currently available on Mangakakalot.

I found the art style cute. Plus, I am always up for stories about adult lesbians being… lesbian-y. This could very much be the manga I would write about myself and my wife (only I’d be the one with short hair,) and there’s something very comforting about that?

I mostly tune into slice-of-life manga to get a bit of insight into Japanese life and culture and there’s a bit of that here? We get to see some of Inui and Kon’s social life, what they think of their friends, etc., and that’s enough for me?

Would I recommend it? If you don’t mind another slow-paced, more sweet-than-sexy story, then yes. Absolutely.

You got to like any autobiographical story where the author draws an arrow to a picture of themselves and writes “Likes attention.” I feel this is true of most authors, myself included.

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