Bakemono to Kedamono / The Monster and the Beast by Renji

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When you say “eat” me, I may need some clarification before we proceed…

And now back to our semi (or is that”seme”!) regular programming: smut.

Believe it or not, I found this particular gem via Otaku USA.  Ah, and a what jewel Bakemono to Kedamono / The Monster and the Beast is!








The meet-cute is… well… yeah, that’s part of what ends up being so compelling about this one.

So the monster in question, Kavo, leaps out of the forest when he hears what he thinks are sounds of distress. Turns out,  the beast (as in SEXUAL beast) in question, Liam was kinda, sorta being gang raped, but maybe was also making good on a promise?  Apparently, Liam hooked-up–in all senses of that word–with a group of traveling merchants. He’s not much of a fighter, plus he needed a shortcut to the nearest town, and he was perfectly willing to offer sexual favors in exchange for those services.

Kavo is horrified that he maybe made a mistake and killed a bunch of dudes who were… erm, having fun???  But, Liam says, nah, don’t worry about them, they were not being very gentle and, anyway, I was pretty sure they were going to rob me and murder me…

Kavo is like, “Um, Ooooo-kay???!!??”

Because, he really doesn’t understand humans at all. You see, he doesn’t get out much, and they’re talking about this, and it hits Kavo….

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…he’s been having a normal conversation with someone.

Well, not exactly “normal,” but Kavo is so fierce and ugly that no one usually talks to him. He’s tried this whole “good monster” gig before, jumping out of the shadows to help people in need. Rather than stick around to chat with him, they’ve taken one look at him and run screaming in the other direction.

Until Liam.

Naturally, that’s the point where Kavo becomes utterly smitten.

And, it’s adorable because, look at him. He’s sixteen times the size of any human, and he’s vaguely terrifying… and a total innocent.

In fact, Kavo is really NOT AT ALL SURE about this whole kissing thing that Liam wants to do and is a bit squeamish about holding hands and cuddling, but… well, Liam is warm and pleasant and, really, he has never, ever, ever had anyone to talk to before.


Personally, I’m pretty sure that Liam is going to break Kavo’s heart, but I’m in it for the ride.

As of the time of this review, there are only three chapters scanlated, but if Otaku USA is reviewing it, you know it’s out there officially–yes, in fact, I see that has TWO volumes available (link takes you to the first volume.)

I may have to break down and ask the library to buy these because I’m super curious about Liam. Is he just SUCH a beast that all he sees of Kavo is that hot, ripped body? Or is there something else that worked for him from the start? I’ll be fascinated to find out what his motives are, honestly.

The art style is… well, it reminds me of Ono Natsume-sensei, who wrote, among other things, a manga I wasn’t hugely fond of, Not Simple, but also House of Five Leaves, which I kind of loved so…. I’m not sure what to say, except, as with those, I found myself initially sort of put-off by the look of the art, but then found myself both used to it and sort of into it by the end.

I really enjoyed this one. Even though it’s not at all smutty, the relationship is fun and compelling. I’m not sure where in time this is taking place, but there’s some interesting world-building happening in the background, too, including a nifty ability that Kavo shows off at the end of the third chapter.

So, yeah, if you’re interested, check it out. Like I said, maybe it will even be appearing at a library near you, some day….

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