Hoshi Mamoru Inu / Stargazing Dog by Murakami Takashi

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I think one of the reasons that I prefer manga about cats is that, thanks to Hachikou, there seems to be a lot of stories romanticizing tragically loyal dogs. Sh*t like that always makes me cry. I sobbed all the way through Stargazing Dog, so now you can too!






The big spoilers? We don’t deserve dogs. Dogs are too good for us. Stargazing Dog is the story (actually two stories) of dogs that deserve better, but love us anyway.

Our hero is a dog named Happi who is adopted into a family that initially mostly loves him. Really, we find out that the only one who really cares for Happi is ‘daddy,’ the patriarch of an averagely sh*tty family. Nothing is wrong with them, per se, but they grow older and grow apart. In no time, ‘daddy’ finds himself divorced and living out of his car with only the dog for company.

Things don’t go well.

And, because the story is set-up as a frame, we know from the first page that daddy dies long before the dog ever leaves him.


The second story is maybe even worse? It follows the social worker in charge of trying to find a proper burial for the homeless guy who died with his dog in the car. He never figures out who daddy was, but he recounts his own crappy life with a dog that just wanted to play with him, whom he neglected, until the day it died and it still brought the damn ball… holy crap, why do I read these tragic things??? WHY?

Also, they made a live action movie of it… you know, in case you’d rather do your gross sobbing in a crowded movie theater.

Despite what it sounds like, I would recommend this. I just never want to read it again. Or anything like it. I’m going to go find some happy smut or something….

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