Knights of Sidonia / Sidonia no Kishi (Vol. 1) by Neihei Tsutomu


This manga should really be up my alley, as I’m always on the lookout for good science fiction. I’m not sure why, but Knights of Sidonia / Sidonia no Kishi never quite gelled for me.






I came across this manga at a book sale. I tend to pick up random volumes of things so long as there is a number one. There are a number of these purchases waiting for me to read in a pile upstairs. I might start working my way through them, even though this one was somewhat less than satisfying.

I suspect I would enjoy the anime.  What I found strange about the manga is that it drops you into the world with zero explanation.

The story starts when our hero, Negate Tanikaze, runs out of rice. He goes off past a point that his grandfather, now deceased, or so I guess from the image, told him not to go.

knights-of-sidonia-1437105 (2)

He falls into a rice processor and somehow comes out the other end in a place where there are other humans… something he’s never seen before. He gets arrested for being a rice thief, but passes out from hunger during the interrogation process. When he awakens, he’s been inducted into a space fighting force.

Or something like that. Honestly, it’s about that random.

The aliens they are fighting are also kind of hard to figure out. Apparently, they are responsible for having destroyed earth by cutting it in half. They are, for whatever reason, still pursuing the ship that contains the last of the human race, Sidonia. Luckily, our hero, Negate, is super good at a video game where you fight these things in mechs.

knights-of-sidonia-1437185 (2)

I mean, maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for a fighting manga?

There’s supposedly some adult themes in this one, but, if so, I haven’t really gotten to them (unless the vaguely sentient catheters in the space suit were supposed to be x-rated?) It’s also listed as “humor,” but I never got a chuckle out of anything so far. I did read slightly beyond the first volume online, and there is a scene where several people are all vying to get into a two-person aquarium ride that might be funny? It wasn’t really for me, probably because I have no idea what anyone would find attractive about Negate.

Everyone seems into him, though. He’s got some weird blond rival that likes to kick him off buildings for fun. As I said, there’s a number of people trying to get into his pants, including, it seems the mysterious captain of the ship.

From what I can tell so far is that Negate has a loud stomach that growls a lot, because most of the rest of the humans photosynthesize and so don’t need to eat as much as he does.  Apparently, he also stinks, being made of meat. Other than that, he gets beat up and bullied a lot. If he has any other salient personality traits, I have yet to see them.

knights-of-sidonia-1437150 (2)

I will probably regret not reading more of this (especially since Baka-Updates tells me that it won the Kodansha Manga Award for general manga in 2015 and the Seiun Award for Best Comic in 2016,) but sometimes I just bounce out of a thing.

Has anyone else read this one? Did you like it? Should I keep going?


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