Jounetsu no Young Man by Takahashi Yuu


In my quest to find sexy firefighters, I ended up reading Jounetsu no Young Man, as there are two later chapters in this manga that has a short story at the end that the bill.







The titular main story in Jounetsu no Young Man start with the classic moment of waking up in bed with a naked guy that our hero, Ono, only barely remembers picking up the night before, after a night of consolation drinking when his previous longtime lover, Hideori, broke up with him.

Ono had hoped to make the young stranger into a one-night stand to be forgotten once the hangover wore off, but, by chance, he accidentally left his wallet behind, along with his business’s keycard. The young stranger, Yamada, helpfully shows up at Ono’s work to return his things. Ono really, really wants this kid to disappear (especially after he sees the high school uniform) and so asks him what it will take to get him to go away. The kid doesn’t want money or a gift, he wants to sleep with Ono again.

Ono is like, why? Why me? I’m just some random pick up. Go find another lover, my life it too complicated.

Yamada gives him puppy eyes and says, “You were my first.”


Ono is unhappy with his “big prize” of getting “a virgin boy.”

Much of the rest of the story is about the high schooler, Yamada, trying really hard to get Ono to sleep with him again.

Ono tries to be firm (pun intended! See what I did there!?) but, yeah, no, the kid’s enthusiasm is hard to resist. Plus, he’s feeling really heartbroken over the big break-up. It was a pretty hard break, since Hideori was not only a high school sweetheart, but also left Ono to marry the boss’s daughter. Hideori gave that speech I’ve come across before in yaoi where the lover is expected to lump it, because “we all have to grow-up,” as though being gay is something that’s just the frivolity of youth, as though their love was just a childish mistake.

So, this one stings.

Ono decides that feels good to have someone to talk to about this, and, so he and Yamada exchange contact information.

Turns out, they get along.


Of course, things with the new wife and the old lover don’t work out all that great. Hideori discovers you can’t just turn off being attracted to guys, and this one in particular. When he tries to just slide back into Ono’s life, the new boy, Yamada, is there to block him–and Ono starts to realize that there’s something wrong with pining after a guy who will dump you just to make his boss happy.

But, there are complications along the way, including a moment where Ono decides to cut everyone out and not only move, but also change his cell phone number. This leads to the ex, Hideori, and the new boy, Yamada, briefly team-up to find out where Ono went.

The whole thing is quite cute, and Hideori even manages to get a happy ending in an extra chapter, where he hooks up with one of Ono’s friends from work who was also in the same high school class.

The firefighter story is only two chapters long and is basically about a kid, Shibata, who ends up in fire fighting academy because he was pushed into it by his family. He doesn’t really fit in–he’s small and kind of wimpy. At first, all he gets his harassment.

Shibata especially hates on the star fire fighter cadet, Ookouchi. Ookouchi is everything Shibata is not, tall, physically fit, and, damn it, SOOOOOO HANDSOME, too.


When the bullying turns into sexual harassment, Shibata decides it’s worth his family’s ire to drop out. He starts packing only to get Ookouchi’s love confession. Turns out, that harassment was meant as a come on?

Wouldn’t work for me, but it does for Shibata, the end.

This one is complete, so if you want to give it a go, I can recommend it. The sex has been censored, so there are a lot invisible penises, etc., and the mangaka is one that seems to be under the impression that anuses are self-lubricating and that men get “wet” back there like women do when sexually excited, but the story itself is otherwise entertaining.

Unfortunately, I seem to now be out of fire fighter stories, at least if I want to stick to yaoi. There was one other yaoi featuring them, but it was not scanlated, alas. Perhaps the take away here is that cops are universally hot, but fire fighters are not.

I’m going to see if I can find something involving handymen. Wish me luck.

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