Fire Code by Ichikawa Kazuhide


Tonight I was on a panel at Gaylaxicon about yaoi/yuri and I was talking about how sometimes I just pick a strange profession and try to see if there is any yaoi about it. That, of course, being how I found the dentist story, Akakute Amai.

I ended up wondering if the Japanese fetishized some of the same professions that we do here in the West. You know how in the porn films, a person ends up seduced by the plumber or handyman…?  I didn’t initially find any plumbers, per se. So, I tried to think of other “hot” jobs. I have obviously found a lot of cops, but I wondered if there were firefighters. The answer? Yes, several, including this bara title, Fire Code.






I don’t have a whole lot to say about this particular manga.

There is a lot of non-con, as the main shtick of the story is that our hero, Suou Ippo, is sexually torturing the fire chief, Onizuka, for information about the death of his father. Ippo’s father was also a fire fighter who died under mysterious circumstances and the chief knows what they were. I have to admit that even though we finally get the backstory in later chapters, I’m not entirely sure what went down that was illegal, though there was definitely a cover-up that involved the chief’s boss, Toudou.

During the course of all this sexual torturing, Ippo realizes that he actually finds Onizuka super hot, and has been fantasizing about him since walking in on him and Toudou going at it years ago.

There is a very cute scene when they decide to kiss:


I’m not a huge fan of the bara art style, but I thought this was pretty adorable.

There is, as you might expect, a LOT of sex in this, and very, very little plot.

Would I recommend it? Mmmm, not especially. I mean, if you’re in the mood for beefy beefcake fire fighters having a ton of non-consensual sex, sure! But, otherwise, maybe not.

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