Furachi na Keiji-san / The Bawdy Policeman by Youhe Hino


I’m prepping for an upcoming podcast about yaoi titles with yakuza characters in them, so I tried out this one: Furachi na Keiji-san.







The story is light on plot, but the general concept is that Takeda Issei, a police detective, figures that the best way to get intel on the yakuza cartel that he’s been trying to take down is to find a gang member who is amenable and sleep with him. Takeda finds Ishii Suguru at a bar and a match made for informing begins. Cue: lots and lots of sex.

There really isn’t a lot more to this story than that, though it doesn’t look like its been completely scanlated yet. It’s possible that Ishii might be discovered or that his childhood acquaintance that he followed into the business might try to make a move on him and get between him and the policeman, but several chapters in, none of these things are viable threats yet.

Mostly the story is for the reader what it is for the two men:  an excuse to get together and bang.

Not that I’m complaining.


The problem with dating a paladin….


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