Kore wa Kitto Yume no Naka no Kiss / Surely the Kiss of My Dreams by Kazao


I came across Kore wa Kitto Yume no Naka no Kiss  / Surely the Kiss of My Dreams by searching for yaoi about “waiters.”






Minato Atsuma normally has terrible luck with men. I can kind of relate. My early girlfriends weren’t abusive the way his lovers are, but they were… a little bit crazy, in their own ways. Minato explains his problem with men being that he figures that with an average face like he has, he has to take what he can get. I think we all feel like that to some extent, you know? Plus, in the early days, when I was first out, I had a tendency to be very “Oh? You are also queer and single? Let’s DATE!” without a lot of consideration beyond that.

Hence the crazy ex-girlfriends.

But, back to the story.

Minato is also highly relatable because all he really wants is someone to be nice to him–someone he can come home to and be loved by.

It initially seems pretty hopeless, despite Minato’s best efforts. But, one day, he ends up making friends with a sculptor. Completely innocently, he ends up telling this artist that the sculpture in the garden across from the restaurant where he works makes him happy. Just looking at it, helps him get through the tough shifts.


Of course, the artist is the very one who created this sculpture and is deeply moved by this praise. So, he invites Minato back to his studio to show off his other work.

For the longest time, they’re just friends. Minato keeps trying to make his sh*tty boyfriend (who remains mostly off-screen) happy and he keeps getting hit and hurt.

Eventually things come to a head on Minato’s birthday, when the boyfriend not only forgets about Minato completely but Minato finds him in bed with another guy. They break up, and Minato ends up at the artist’s studio, looking for a little tea and sympathy.

He ends up with much more than that.

Minato and the artist, Takumi Kaga, start up a relationship. And, for the next several chapters it’s all pretty blissful. Takumi has no trouble figuring out the gay sex thing, despite having been completely straight previous to falling in love with Minato.

In fact, Takumi’s previous exclusive straightness becomes a plot point when his agent reveals that there may be a love child and an ex looking for support. Of course, Minato overhears this conversation and waits for Takumi to tell him about it. When he doesn’t, Minato assumes that’s probably a sign that he’s not as loved as he thought he was.

Which… isn’t necessarily bad thinking for a guy who previously couldn’t tell the difference between bickering and abuse.

But so, especially after hearing from some of Takumi’s other exes that Takumi broke up with them because he wanted a “complete” family, drama ensues.

I don’t know why, but I found this particular story very queer.

Maybe because my wife is bisexual, like the love interest in this one, and we had some ‘but I can’t give you the traditional family things’ drama ourselves?

But, whatever the reason, I enjoyed this one on a storytelling level. The art is good, and the sex is present, though not super-kinky or hugely plentiful. (There is one random tying up scene, though, which I–and our hero–enjoyed.)

If you go looking to read it via scanlations, be warned: most of the sites are actually missing a middle chapter–right after they break-up–and have replaced it with chapters from something else.  So, please use the link I provided above.


Honestly?  Yes, the way you’re written, you do seem ACTUALLY gay.


Alrighty then, on to more smut / gay romance involving waiters…!

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