Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamato / Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (and two spin-offs) by Scarlet Beriko


I’m beginning to think that the real reason the Immortal Tetsu from Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband had to leave the yakuza is because…. he wasn’t gay enough.






The first one of these that I read was Yondaime Ooyamoto Tatsuyuki, though it turns out to be my SECOND favorite of the three.

Yondaime Ooyamoto Tatsuyuki follows the eponymous Tatsuyuki, the heir apparent to the Ooyamoto yakuza gang, who gets sent to cool his heels in a branch office in Fukuoka.

The work of being a yakuza head is NOT at all interesting to young Tatsuyuki and so he ends up getting blackout drunk and wakes up in someone’s bed.


Not only that, but he took video of the whole thing on his phone.

So, now Tatsuyuki suspects he’s being blackmailed by some rival gang. However, it turns out that his erstwhile paramour is nothing more than a day care worker named Koga Nozomi, who fell in love with a young Tatsuyuki when his family killed Koga’s father.

Sounds weird? Yeah, under normal circumstances that’s the start of a blood feud, but it turns out that Koga’s dad was a real piece of work.

Not only was he abusing Koga, but he forced him to crossdress, which has left Koga self-conscious about his face… he wears glasses to hide what he feels are too pretty, feminine eyes. He also became incredibly strong–working out, doing judo, all that.  But, since Tatsuyuki thought Koga was a girl when he met him, his younger self promised to come back one day and make Koga his wife.

Well, Koga still wants that, even though it’s all kind of a hazy memory for Tatsuyuki.


Mostly this a humorous story about a reluctant relationship, but Koga’s whole backstory is surprisingly horrific and the way that the two of them work through Koga’s body/beauty issues is actually somewhat touching.

However, because this is a yakuza story, there’s an interlude where we discover that one of the young girls at the day care is actually the daughter of another mafioso, Rogi Uichi. Because of Tatsuyuki’s careless inattention as the new boss at this branch, Rogi’s business suffered and so, as payment for this mistake, Tatsuyuki offers/(is forced?) to be Rogi’s sex slave, despite finally being in a good place with Koga.

This, of course, is where all the kinky stuff happens.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of it, and, yet, it all ends well for the two love birds.

Weirdly (since he seemed to be so very villainous), the next story I read was a spin-off about the origins of Rogi, and, this one, Jealousy, was my favorite for all the wrong reasons.


Jealousy is darker and more intriguing right from the start–probably because Rogi is a very complex character and because the story is told with a frame.

We start with Rogi as we know him now, in the present day: a dapper yakuza operative with a young daughter in tow.

A scam artist named Hachi, jumps out in front of Rogi’s car, hoping to get a payoff. But, Rogi hits him a little too hard and he’s briefly knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, he makes a comment about the fact that he can see Rogi’s daughter’s underwear and Rogi drags him off and throws him in the trunk, with a very casual, “They’ll find a corpse in Aburayama tomorrow.”

But, while Rogi is attempting to drown Hachi in the bathtub, Hachi manages to sweet talk  his way out of danger.  Rogi admits that he’s not much of a killer and there’s something about Hachi that reminds him of his younger self, and so instead of murdering him… Rogi ends up with Hachi as a housemate and a flashback to how Rogi met Akitora, who is Tatsuyuki’s father (and whom, it is implied in Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki, Rogi was hoping to provoke into action with the kidnapping/sexual extortion.)

I’m really sad that no one seems to be continuing to scanlate this one. The last update was published sometime in November of last year (2018), and so I don’t have a lot of hope that I’ll get to find out how this ends…. which is such a bummer.

Because, when we meet Rogi in the past, he’s a completely different person.

Akitora (who, by the way, has the VERY best eyes and good hair,) is attempting to collect on a recalcitrant bestselling author.


Damn it. I feel SEEN.

He finds the author in flagrante delicto. Just as Aikitora and his henchman walk in, sensei shoots himself in the head, leaving Rogi literally hanging (he’s in an BDSM sling arrangement.)

Rogi is kind of a sociopath.  So Akitora and he have a very casual conversation about events, and Rogi ends up giving Akitora the safe’s combination so he can get his money. Then, Akitora not only unties Rogi, but, shall we say, gives him some relief.

Unsurprisingly, given this kind of amazing first meeting (meet cute???) Rogi can’t get Akitora off his mind. He keeps contriving ways to meet him again, including masterminding a drug deal that impinges on Akitora’s territory in order to get him to show up again.

It starts to look like the two of them will get together–Akitora invites Rogi out to dinner and a movie, but then Akitora drops a bomb. He’s married, with a kid. So, there’s no “getting together.”

Rogi, for his part is all: So?

But, Akitori is a traditionalist. Family (mafia) and family are unbreakable bonds.

So, since he can’t be Akitori’s family, Rogi sets out to become Akitori’s Family… and it is a really twisted, complicated, violent tale and, when we leave it (back in that last November 2018 scan!) Akitora, HIS WIFE, Rogi, and the child (Tatsuyaki?) and kind of also Akitora’s henchman (a childhood friend of Rogi’s) all seem to be pulling off ‘happy families.’


It’s kind of great, honestly.

AND I WANT TO KNOW how 1) it all goes SO sour that Akitora won’t even rescue his firstborn son if it means seeing Rogi again and 2) how Rogi ended up with a daughter. Especially given how unrelentingly queer he seems in the flashbacks–I mean, queer folks can have kids, obviously, but Rogi seems un-family oriented, particularly if it would involve a woman–so adopted? Or did something happen with Akitora’s wife, who seems to be one of the few women Rogi actually admires?? Also, I have a terrible feeling that the older sister that “died” when Tatsuyuki was seven, might actually be Rogi’s “daughter”… but how they got from here to there is MISSING AND I PROBABLY WILL NEVER KNOW. ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH.

It is rare that I read a yaoi for plot, and it is even rarer when I find a yaoi that satisfies my more perverted needs AS WELL as satisfying my desire for a good story.

Jealousy is definitely one of them.

But, I’m not sure I can recommend it, because it seems to randomly stop and it’s a little crazy-making because, for me, the story was just getting good.

The third one in this series Minori no Te has only had one chapter scanlated (don’t be fooled, the second bit is from a different part of the story,) and is, as far as I can tell, only tangentially related to the Ooyamoto clan stories in that Minori, a physical therapist to the yakuza, is visited by Tatsuyuki.

The rest of the story seem to be about Minori’s other clients.

Alas, I liked Jealousy so much I went looking to see if I could BUY the second volume anywhere, and, of course, I can.

In Japanese.

All I can say to that? 今すぐ日本語を勉強する必要があります*



Also, speaking of Japanese, there’s a pun on the names of Akitora and Uichi which is entirely there for manga fans:


Tiger & Bunny being the title of a superhero anime, which, if you haven’t seen, I highly recommend..


*What Google translate tells me is Japanese for: “I need to learn Japanese RIGHT NOW”


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