Host Club Round-Up

In my search for a good host club story, I ended up reading a bunch of really short (one chapter) yaoi. I don’t think any of them is worth an entire review, so I will just list them all here, along with my impressions of them, for your entertainment.






Tsuzuki wa Mata Yoru ni / Let’s Continue at Night by Chiba Ryouko. The idea is really promising in this one. Two high school pals end up in very different walks of life. Futagami Takaharu has become a renown detective; Akusawa Fumi took over his father’s business… as the owner of a Host Club. They’ve been lovers on and off, and their relationship is fraught.


Sounds like a great start, right?

But, that’s really all there is. They met up, think about each other a lot, and have sex and the one-shot ends with them basically still just vaguely unhappy f*ck buddies.


Host no Furachi na Love Game by Kozaki Yone.   The description of this makes it sounds like our hapless hero, Haruka, won some kind of high school contest to meet (? intern under?) the #1 Host in Japan. The scanlation, however, doesn’t mention to contest that I noticed, only that Haruka very much admired the previous #1 but ends up getting recruited to work for Ryou, a bitchy, demanding host.  To be fair, the translation of this one (or the writing?) was fairly confusing.  The only part I found at all amusing was where Haruka decides he wants to kiss Ryou anyway, and Ryou totally falls asleep in the middle of it.



Shish ni Hire by Shougo Ikegami. This was another one that seemed to delight in the ‘odd couple’ trope. We have nerdy high school teacher with poor boundaries, Yanagi Haruchika, who took in a desperate abused student (now former,) Shishida Kiyomasa. They’re now cohabitating and seem fairly lovely-dovey. Problem? Sensei has a soft spot for lost causes, particularly if they are young and male. Looks like Yanagi-sensei might be bringing home another young one into the love nest….


This one stops because the translators gave up on it, I think…. or more is still coming, sloooowly.  I’m not sure.

Those were all I read recently. I will keep up the hunt for a good one of these. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Host Club Round-Up

  1. The perfect time to recommend “Loved Circus” (again and again I can’t love this one enough!) A character named ‘Shiro’ fits my tropes. Joe and his tuna boat scenario. Lame-o Kei the protagonist. Mangaka Asada Nemui who’s style I like. I love a host manga! I hope you can find it.

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