Aiyoku Heaven by Fujikawa Ruri


For reasons, I’m in the mood for trashy host club stories. Casting around, I found this strange mash-up of sports/host club manga: Aiyoku Heaven.






Hayase Mahiro used to be the top motorcycle racer in Japan until the accident. He made a miraculous and complete recovery, but it seems that Lady Luck is determined to leave him in the lurch. In a desperate move, Hayase calls in all of his favors for a a gamble that doesn’t pay off. Now, he’s looking at a mountain of debt with no way to pay it off…

Until a handsome stranger shows up and offers Hayase a job at an exclusive host/hostess club.


This club specializes in celebrities. You have a zillion dollars and want to spend the evening entertained by Chris Helmsworth? Well, this is the club that can make it happen. Hayase has been requested by a woman who, having seen him on TV, thought he looked like her late husband. So, he spends an evening pouring her drinks and gazing at the city lights and thinks: a big paycheck for this?  SEEMS LIKE A DREAM JOB.

Except, of course, host clubs are ripe for exploitation and frankly, the owner, the guy who recruited Hayase…?

Let’s just say he takes it upon himself to teach Hayase the ropes, and by ropes, he means, ROPES. (Well, actually, that’s another client who does that, but the point is there is a lot of instruction involving humiliation and kinky voyeurism.)

Also, many, many SMOLDERING looks are exchanged:


Alas, while this one is labeled “smut,” so there’s plenty of action, I’m not sure it’s scratched my itch. I may be checking out what else is out there for a girl in need of some ‘host’ action.

Even so, I can recommend this one as it is complete in 5 chapters/1 volume. The art leans towards the ‘yaoi hands’ end of the spectrum, it’s short enough that I was able to deal. The rope bondage scene is pretty worth it.

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