Kirei Ni Shiteyo by Sachimo


Kirei Ni Shiteyo is what you find when you look for yaoi involving… janitors.

I have to tell you that, much to my surprise, there’s more than one. I… may have to do a janitor yaoi round-up.







Hara Dai is heavy into what we’d call ‘conflict-avoidance.’

He doesn’t like trouble, and the thing he finds most troublesome is other people. Apparently, in Japanese high schools,  one good way to avoid people is to dye your hair and be a delinquent and practice scowling (hey, it works for Ichigo in Bleach, right?)


Dai’s first big act as a delinquent is to skip out of class on Friday afternoon to find a secluded spot under a tree.

Unfortunately, this favored spot is already claimed by the handsome janitor.

The janitor, however, is willing to come to an agreement. If Dai can just stay on his side of the tree and doesn’t try to chat, they can co-exist.  Since Dai is not one for arguments, this works just fine for him.

After a while, he grows accustomed to always sharing his time with the silent, broody, DEEPLY attractive janitor.

The trouble of pretending to be a delinquent when you aren’t one, is that the high school has ACTUAL delinquents who are going to sexually bully you, because, if yaoi are to be believe, the number one form of bullying between high school boys is sexual.  I mean, maybe it’s true? I imagine it happens in real life, but hopefully not as the rate that it seems to in yaoi.  Because otherwise: Japan, you have a  PROBLEM.

The first time Dai is jumped by the bullies and forced into a sexual act the janitor’s only role is to walk by an an inopportune time, causing Dai to spontaneously ejaculate. The janitor expresses concern for Dai, but they fall easily back into their silent, companionable routine.  Afterwards, this is the first time that Dai thinks, “mmmm, maybe the deeply attractive broody janitor is someone I actually find DEEPLY attractive.”


This causes Dai to actually try to chat with the janitor outside of ‘tree time.’

When he does, he finds out that the janitor, Sugimura, is an ex-con. Which… is intriguing?

The next time the bullies go after Dai and threaten actual rape, Sugimura comes to his rescue. At this point, they become friends. Dai even goes so far as to invite Sugimura over to his apartment (which, of course, he live alone in because Japanese parents leave their teenagers to work and travel abroad CONSTANTLY in manga).

This is where Sugimura reveals that the crime that put him in jail?


Then, we get Sugimura’s back story. Turns out, he was once the opposite of Dai. Instead of being antisocial, Sugimura was a people-pleaser–a kind of a social butterfly, to the point that he realized that most of his relationships were utterly surface and people took advantage of his willingness to please.

To the point that he gets set-up for someone who wanted ‘consolation money’ (which I assume is legal reparations of some kind) and went so far as to tape their sexcapades in order to get Sugimura convicted.

Sugimura not only goes down for this ‘crime,’ but his family disowns him (less for the rape, but more for the being gay), and all the people he was nice to decide that it was all a creepy act to get close to them. After that, understandably, he’s done with people.

Fortunately, this is something Dai can relate to, so they basically decide to hate everyone but each other.

Smut ensues.

For a random pick based on the ‘janitor’ tag, I found this one to be fairly entertaining. Alas, I wish the hair game was as good as the previous mangaka’s, but, well, we can’t have everything.


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