Red Beryl ni Sayonara by Michinoku Atami


Vampires. They’re just made for yaoi, aren’t they?







This one, oddly enough takes place in 1968, which doesn’t really seem to fit into the plot in any particular way, except for our main vampire’s penchant for black turtlenecks.


I have to admit that I wasn’t really much into this story at first. Our hero vampire, Kazushige, is a bit of a wet towel.  A human is hanging around, a guy named, Akihito, who keeps wanting to feed him and take care of him, ostensibly for saving his life. Kazushige is really not into it. He keeps telling Akihito to go away. There doesn’t seem to be much sexual tension between them, except in a kind of classic blue oni/red oni way.

But, I am really enamored by the way Michinoku-sensei draws her men. The hair game is just GOOD.


And, you know, vampires.

I have always had a weakness for the kind of vampire Kazushige is, too. The one that doesn’t want to be a monster, who struggles to retain his humanity (always a losing battle), and who contorts his life in a vain (vein?) attempt not drink the blood of humans.

But, we don’t really start to see that side of Kazushige for a few chapters. Then, we’re introduced to some mysterious men from Kazushige’s past that suddenly up the tension and the heat level 150%. Because, always, guys like this have the kind of blood sire that is super-monstrous, who are also relentless in their desire to push vampires like Kazushige over to their deliciously evil dark side.


These blood sires are also always five thousand times more gay and flamboyant, and I fall for this dynamic super hard.

The only thing I have to caution you about, if you start this one (and I hope you will), is that it stops just when the tension is at its height. Literally, the last panel currently scanlated is this….


Uh, yeah, I’d say.

I liked this one a lot… I just wish the story was complete because holy crap am I invested in Kazushige’s struggle here.

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