Do Do Do S-kyuu Kareshi by Aoyama Aruto


Sometimes for fun, I have someone in my household yell out a letter and then I look for smut under a category that starts with that letter. Today, I got “i.” Under the various tags in “i,” I found “imprisonment”… which, I mean, seemed pretty relevant to my interests, shall we say. So, the first yaoi I hit, I read.

Do Do Do S-kyuu Kareshi is actually pretty light on “imprisonment” themes, but there is a healthy dose of sadism.

And humor.






So, you’re probably asking yourself the same thing I did, which is something along the lines of: “Really? Humor? And bondage? Isn’t that going to be a mood killer?”

The humor is mostly in the situation. Our main hero, Maezono Tamaki, is such a hard nose at work that he’s earned himself the reputation of ‘Super S,’ for super sadist. The joke? In bed, in romance, he’s anything but. In fact, he’s 100% a masochist, dreaming of being completely dominated by a cruel master.

Luckily, along comes his subordinate at work, Sano.`At work, Sano is an easy-breezy sort, hard to control, but basically a pussy-cat. Everyone notices how he snaps in line for Tamaki, though.  Poor guy, he’s totally whipped.


Or is he?

Because, you guessed it, my smutty friends, Sano is secretly the real super-S.

For reasons known only to Sano, what he really wants from Tamaki is to turn him into a human version of his pet cat, Tama.

The story between them is cute and funny and the smut is very smutty, so I enjoyed it. There are four chapters scanned and I believe it’s fairly close to being complete (it’s hard to tell because the chapter titles don’t seem to entirely match up with those listed in the table of contents at the beginning of the first chapter.) Baka-Updates believes there’s only one volume, so it’s doubtfully missing much. What’s there can certainly be read as complete, if nothing else.

So would I recommend it? I mean, it’s a ten minute thrill, so why not?

Plus, neko/cats.


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