Afueru Namida o Nomikondanara by Nohagi Aki


Is it bad that I count on yaoi to teach me that dacryphilia is a real fetish?  What is dacryphilia, you ask? It’s being aroused by someone else’s tears. And, because it exists, there is porn of it, specifically Afueru Namida o Nomikondanara / If I Swallowed the Overflowing Tears.

Next important question.

Is it wrong that I really enjoyed this?







Our dacryphiliaic hero is Amaike, who has known about his oddball sexual fetish since middle school (during a very awkward moment when the class pet died and everyone started crying.) Ever since then, Amaike has become socially isolated. He’s so confused and horrified by the fact that tears turn him on, that he’s basically eschewed human interaction as much as possible.

One day, after work, he literally runs into a guy who is crying in the alley. He tries to ignore him, but, at the end of his shift, impulsively takes the guy home where Amaike finally gives into his impulses and licks this stranger’s tears away.

As a bonus, random guy is gay! He finds the tear licking a little weird, but they end up having wild, rough sex.

In the morning, Amaike learns that the guy’s name is Miharu and that he’d been crying over a bad break-up with his boyfriend. The reason? Miharu figures it’s because he’s the sort who is always too clinging, too quick to fall in love. So, Miharu decides the best course of action is to stop being like that, and be the kind of guy who has meaningless sex with guys like Amaike.


Amaike is a little “….” about this whole thing, but, well, rough sex makes Miharu cry, so that kind of works out for him.

Plus, Amaike has no idea how to people.

Slowly, of course, things start to shift and a relationship develops.

I have to say that I am often very fond of characters like Miharu, who seem to talk NON-STOP, text silly observations constantly during the day, and are generally insanely cheerful because I look at them and think: Ah, people like me do exist in Japan.

I was a little surprised by how much I liked this one. I’ll be honest, I was tuning in for the “wtf fetish” and the fact that it was labeled “smut.” But, the story won me over. The relationship developed slowly and naturally–they started with just ‘the benefits’ and then became friends. Once they were friends, the romance blossomed. And, you could watch both men grow into it. Miharu a little less because we stuck inside Amaike head, but it was definitely there for the reader to see.

I would recommend this, despite the oddball fetish. I actually think that the fetish is really well handled, too, and now I’m curious what other ones I might be able to find out there….

As Amaike says at the beginning, “Everyone is unique, when it comes to their sexual preferences.”


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