From Green Kitchen by Ueda Aki


If you, like me, have ever read all six and a half zillion volumes of What Did You Eat Yesterday? and said to yourself, “This is great and everything, but, man, I wish these boys would f*ck,” then this is the manga for you.







In the case of From Green Kitchen, the roles are reversed. The high-powered executive has no time to cook. In fact, the meet cute in this one-volume manga happens because our morose hero, Nagiri Koutarou, works as a food preparer at a deli, and he happens to notice that this one salaryman, Takano Wataru, keeps buying the takeaway menu items that he’s prepared.

They finally talk face-to-face when Takano is in a panic because some old dude ran off with the last package of his favorite chicken dish. Nargiri offers to go into the back to whip up a special batch.


There’s some kind of tragic backstory as to why Nagiri fixates on this–his (single? widowed?) mom was a high powered executive, too, and so he always ate frozen/pre-prepared meals himself until one day he realized that, you know, food is ingredients, so why couldn’t he just put together the pieces of himself. It turns out horribly, but mom comes home and is so charmed she says she always wants to eat food prepare especially by him.

So begins a life-long devotion to getting people to love him via food.

I mean, I kind of mock, but I get it. Food is totally a love language that I speak.

So, anyway, through various plot developments the two guys get together, kind of. Basically, at first, Tanako just wants a live-in chef.  But, the guys get to know each other and sex naturally follows.

And the just as inevitable, “Oh, yeah, my job is transferring me to the end of the earth, so….” break-up that seems so popular in any yaoi involving salarymen.

It is also solved the usual way: lover decides to just follow them. (Why no one thinks of this right away, I’ll never know. I guess it makes for good pages of “sad” before we get everyone back together.)

The sex is very pan-to-the left, but it’s vey cute.



It’s complete in one volume, so it’s easy to recommend.  In fact a friend recommended it to me, so now I can happily pass that recommendation on to you. There are no recipes, but there are still a lot of loving scenes of food being prepared and eaten.

Bon appetit!

4 thoughts on “From Green Kitchen by Ueda Aki

  1. I loved this one and because it’s “Ueda Aki” it makes me wonder, have you ever reviewed Honto? I couldn’t figure out how to search your blog because I’m mostly decorative.

      • Yeah, it’s weirdly hard for me to search my own site, too. I should probably invest in a better format or something. But, okay you put Ueda Aki’s name in quotes. Did she write under a different name before? Because when I looked up “Honto Yajuu” it was listed as being written by Yamamoto Kotetsuko. I thought maybe that there was another “Honto Yajuu” out there, so I went to Ueda’s baka-update profile page and didn’t see anything by that name: But then I notice that this author is apparently only been writing since 2015, and I don’t know how good Baka-Updates is at tracking pseudonyms. REGARDLESS, I started reading the “Honto Yajuu” I found and it looks amazingly cute and hilarious.

      • Aki and Ueda are the names of the two main characters in Honto Yajuu. I figured it was a pen name inspired by the series

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