Totsukuni no Shoujo / Girl From the Other Side by Nagabe (Vol. 5)


I was excited to see volume 5 of Girl From the Other Side at my library. In fact, I read the entire thing while “working” on the automatic check-in machine. I reviewed the earlier bits of this manga here:






Previously, I had worried that there was a bit of “Eren’s Basement” going on. This volume actually goes a bit deeper into the mystery of what’s going on with Shiva and Sensei.  We learn more about what the human king and the White Father think they will gain by possessing Shiva’s soul (a cure to the plague, basically.)

There’s a lot of action in this volume, including a fight with a soldier who’s been turned into a crow.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.11.13 PM.png

The art continues to be creepy, amazing, and dark.

I was particularly impressed with the strange water creature that seems to be partly a…whale? Or has a whale skull the way that Sensei has a ram skull for a head. It all adds to the very dream-like quality of this entire manga.

I continue to recommend this one.

In other news, I picked up the first three volumes of two new series, plus the sequel to a manga I’ve been trying to get my hands on for months. Reviews will follow shortly!

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