Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction by Inio Asano (Vols. 1- 3)


Text: “Love is so lame!! The only choice for young people is to fearlessly masturbate to death!”

When a friend asked me what Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction was about, I described it thusly: “Oh, boy. Well, it follows some high school girls in a strange post-alien invasion world where the aliens are just hovering over Tokyo and, so, life is kind of normal?”

What I didn’t know going into Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction is that Asano Inio has been described as “…one of the voices of his generation,” which, given that he was born the year I started high school (1980), makes him Japan’s version of a Millennial, I guess?

In a lot of ways, the writing of Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction reminds me of “Gilmore Girls,” a show that I loved a lot, but which sometimes left me wondering if it was possible to get tired of all the quirky edginess and out-there characters.  Since I watched all six seasons and the reboot, I’m going to go with “probably not…?” Though it was always a show where I was very AWARE that it was Being Very Clever.


Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction is like that, but with an extra dose of surreal, panty shots, and a weirdly compelling alien culture that might be quietly infiltrating our own.

I have no idea what to make of this series, honestly. I find myself charmed by the characters, particularly the two main girls: Kadode Koyama and Ouran “Outan” Nakagawa (of the opening masturbation quote). Despite Outan’s absolute bonkerness, there’s a kind of wholesomeness to their friendship that I found very comforting.  There’s a heavy amount of ‘feels’ between them, even as Outan breaks into a random rant about the collapse of the capitalist state.


Also, with the introduction of the alien character, I have to admit I was hooked.  The art is insanely compelling, too.


Should you read it? I’m not sure.

Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction is really quirky and probably the sort of thing you have to be in the mood for. I will admit that something about volume 2 put me in a severe depressive funk for about two hours, but by the end of volume 3 I was wondering when the library was going to get the next one.

And, then I went looking for something else by this author and read all of Reiraku, which I’ll probably review next.

So, there’s that.

It’s like how my former agent used to describe my work: “weird, but compelling.”


2 thoughts on “Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction by Inio Asano (Vols. 1- 3)

  1. This really looks compelling – and now that Gintama is over over over, I do need a new alien invasion in my life. Too bad I don’t live in a thriving urban metropolis where such things can be checked out of the library….Sigh. Canada.

    • I’m really shocked about Canada. I thought y’all were the promised land. It shouldn’t be possible that a Midwestern city in blighted, fascist-state America has a better library. Anyway, I _do_ think you’d enjoy it, if you can find it online. (If you do, let me know. I couldn’t find it easily with the usual Googling.)

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