Status Update, Part 2… My Amazing Library System

After I went to all that trouble to make a list of manga that I thought it would be nice for various libraries to consider purchasing, it finally occurred to me that maybe I should see if our local library already had the things on my list.

  1. Bleach. Yep, pretty much everyone has it.
  2. Blue Exorcist. All three local library systems: Ramsey, St. Paul, and Hennepin.
  3. Haikyu!! St. Paul and Hennepin County.
  4. Yowamushi Pedal. Hennepin County has it.
  5. The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún. Ramsey County, St. Paul, and Hennepin.
  6. Barakamon. Saint Paul and Hennepin County have it.
  7. Fruits Basket. Everyone has it.
  8. Skip Beat! Everyone.
  9. Ouran High School Host Club. Everyone
  10. Natsume’s Book of Friends, Ramsey and Hennepin Counties have it.
  11. Descending Stories Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū. Hennepin County has it up to vol. 10. (I now know where I’m going later today.)
  12. Kids on the Slope. So far the only title that one no one has.
  13. Princess Jellyfish. Ramsey and Hennepin county have the manga, St. Paul only has the anime DVD.
  14. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku. Ramsey and Hennepin County both have.
  15. Mushi-shi. Hennepin County. Again, looks like I may be taking a trip to Mpls. today.
  16. (Wonder Cat, Kyuu-chan) This one can’t count. I mistakenly assumed it had been collected in tankoban/officially licensed and it doesn’t appear to be.
  17. Laid-Back Camp. Hennepin.


This, right here, is why I extol the virtues of my public library system.  Just so you understand, I live within four blocks of a St. Paul Public Library, I work at Ramsey County Public Libraries (some of which are a distance, but one of which is accessible by a twenty minute bus/light rail ride from my house), and a Hennepin County Public Library is no more than a ten minute drive away…. if that, because I think there’s still a Hennepin County Library in Dinkytown and I bet I could hop on a light rail and be there in two minutes.

So, I live in a manga wonderland. (Not, Deadman Wonderland, which both Ramsey and Hennepin County both carry!)

All of the titles that I’ve been talking about, I can get for FREE in, like, official licensed format.  I mean, there’s a lot of convenience to reading online, but I _do_ still love reading in the bathtub and you shouldn’t really do that with your phone/device/laptop… or so my family tells me.

I have a feeling that my list of yaoi/yuri/bara titles might be a little LESS likely to be found in the library system, but let’s test that.

I already recommended My Brother’s Husband, which is actually seinen, but is written by a bara mangaka. I know Ramsey County carries volume 1 and a quick check shows that both St. Paul and Hennepin have 1 & 2 available.

Ten Count is carried, uncensored, by Ramsey County.

Hennepin County has NightS, which I reviewed here, Hetalia, which they tagged as yaoi, something called Dear Myself (2006) by Eiki Eiki, which appears to be about an amnesiac teenager, His Favorite (2018) by Suzuki Tanaka, about a gawky kid who hooks-up with the high school prince, maybe, About Love / Koi ni Tsuite  (2012) by Narise Konohara/ Tomo Ootake  about a wedding planner, which does not appear to be scanlated by anyone.

They also have:

  1. In the Walnut by Toko Kawai, which appears to be centered around the love affair of a art gallery owner and a art forger.
  2. Awkward Silence by Hinako Tanakaga, a typical-looking high school pairing.
  3. The Left Hand Dreams of Him/Only the Ring Finger Knows by Satoru Kannagi, when ‘paired rings’ are the rage at his high school a boy dreams of sharing a ring with another guy.
  4. I Hear the Sunspots: Theory of Happiness by Yuki Fumino, which I reviewed here about a hard of hearing college student who hires someone to take notes for him in class.
  5. Love Stage!! by Eki Eki, the story of an average joe born into a super-famous creative family and I guess whatever queer hijinks he gets up to.
  6. The World’s Greatest First Love by Nakamura Shungiku about gay love in the manga industry.
  7. Don’t Be Cruel / Hidoku Shinai de  by Yonezou Nekota, a BL/yaoi anthology.
  8. Go for It, Nakamura! / Ganbare! Nakamura-san by Syudei, about a shy gay high schooler, which looks kind of adorable and I might have to read it.
  9. La Esperança by Chigusa Kawai which looks like it’s about Catholic school
  10. Il Gatto Sul G / G Senjou no Neko by Milage Tooko about a high school violinist with a split personality?
  11. World’s End by Eki Eki, which I can’t link to, because it only exists in official format, no one has scanned it. It appears to be in the same world as Dear Myself.
  12. Glass Sky by Yamada Yuki, more high school queer drama.
  13. Our Kingdom / Bokura no Oukoku  by Koujima Naduki another one you can only find at the library as it is not scanlated. Country boy comes to town to inherit his family fortune and falls for his rival, who is also his cousin.
  14. Silent Voice by Kyoyama Atsuki, some baseball high school boys’ loving.
  15. Invisible Boy / Toumei Shounen by Odagiri Hotaru, I think Ramsey County has this one and I tried to read it and found it too rapey… this is the one about a high schooler at some fancy college who gets picked by school president or something.
  16. Same Cell Organism / Dousaibou Seibutsu by Yumeka Sumomo, description implies that the story is about *gasp* two boys “very much in love with each other.”
  17. Time Lag by Gotoh Shinobu / Odagiri Hotaru another high school romance, this one involving the AV club, maybe.

And those are just the manga that are officially tagged ‘yaoi’ and/or ‘boys’ love’ in Hennepin County Libraries.

I guess I have some reading to get to, eh?


4 thoughts on “Status Update, Part 2… My Amazing Library System

    • Thanks. I don’t usually do lists like this, but it was fun to do. Plus, as I noted, I now know where I’m going to have to head this afternoon. Apparently ALL THE YAOI is awaiting me over across the river in Minneapolis. 🙂

  1. I wouldn’t know if you are interested in queer manga (as opposed to yaoi/yuri), but Shimanami Tasogare might be to your liking. It is completely scanlated and licensed for may 2019.

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