F*ck Buddy by Hinako (ひなこ)


Under the category of ‘I read it so you don’t have to,’ is F*ck Buddy.  The misogyny is strong in this one, friends. The cover art kind of implies that, what with the woman between them as almost negative space she’s so not-the-point.






F*ck Buddy is the story is the story of two roommates who like to go out on the prowl together and pick up a woman to ‘share.’  The ‘meet-cute’ of Ryo and Akanishi is anything but. Ryo had a date with a lady-friend at high school, but when he goes to meet her, he discovers that Akanshi got there before him. When the lady-friend tells the boys not to fight, they turn on her and spew this crap (and worse):


Somehow, the two a$$holes become friends. The “story” is of how Ryo, unsatisfied after one of their many nights of ‘conquest,’ ends up accepting anal play and maybe he likes it?

The only thing I can say about the smut is condoms _and_ lube are clearly in use and the putting on of them is intentionally sexy.  So, that’s responsible, I guess?  Not sure it makes up for the actual message of ‘woman as c**kblock,’ however.

I have no idea if the scanlators are still working on this one, though it’s a 2018 release and the last update (the first chapter) was only two months ago.

Can I recommend it, though? Mmmm, not sure. I mean, I’m all for smut, but I often find straight sex in yaoi to be problematic. (See my review of Thirsty for Love.)

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