Sayonara, Boku no Goshujin-sama/Good-bye, My Master by Takase Roku and Tachibana Muzuki


I found this one while scrolling down the yaoi Tumblr hashtag, so you can probably guess a lot about it based on that fact alone.






Yeah, it’s very BDSM… I mean “Goodbye, my MASTER,” right?

Sayonara, Boku no Goshujin-sama / Good-bye, My Master opens with big doe-eyed kid,  Yunoki, naked in his sempai Yuzurihara’s room. He’s not sure how things got this weird, this fast.

In fact, Yunoki’s kind of been waiting for his lover, Kisaragi, to text him. Last contact that Yunoki had with Kisaragi was over a month ago and it was “I’ll text you when I want to see you again.” Even on his way over to Yuzurihara’s place, Yunoki is checking his phone.

Probably that’s how he didn’t notice drinking so much… and possibly being drugged, because, somehow, he’s the one naked and Yuzurihara’s just sitting there watching him. Yunoki finally just blurts out: “Are you going to assault me?” And, when it looks like the answer is ‘yes,’ he adds, “You can’t because I belong to…”

“Kisaragi,” Yuzurihara fills-in. We also see what the ‘price of belonging to Kisaragi is…


This is where the story starts to get interesting because we get the flashback to how Yunoki fell in with his abusive lover, Kisaragi… and we discover a connection between Kisaragi and Yuzurihara, which is the chapter’s cliffhanger.

This one appears to be brand-new and currently being scanlated, so I won’t spoil any more of the first chapter (which is all we have so far as of this review) in case this seems like something you might enjoy.

I have to say, I’m not 100% sold on the art, but the story is intriguing.  Would I recommend it? Well, you can certainly check out the first chapter with no hassle. Is the story going to be worth following? I think there’s potential here.

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