Tamaranaidesho? by Kusabi Keri


I’ve been very dissatisfied with the things I’ve been finding and, sadly, Tamaranaidesho?  is no exception.






Part of the problem is the mood I’m in.

I want well-written smut, like Kinbaku (2008), (which I’m not sure that I ever officially reviewed here because I read it years before I started trying to keep track of the manga that I read.)

What I love about Kinbaku and Zaria’s other work, like, Pet Keiyakuis that they are unabashedly SMUTTY, but have weird amounts of world-building. For instance, Kinbaku seems to be taking place in some kind of sex slave compound, where our hapless hero has attempt to make an escape from? I mean, that’s exactly the amount of plot I want in my smut. Just enough for my mind to start to think, ‘Mmmm? What’s this now?’ and then let it fade into the background while I enjoy the terrible things happening to the various characters.

Tamaranaidesho? had some promise. It was listed in the Baka-Updates categories under ‘rough sex’ and when I looked at the cover, I thought, “Okay, the art will be good.”

The set-up was strange… or maybe I just didn’t read all the words. Our point of view character Aoi, is a really bad artist. No, I’m not being mean. He describes himself this way.


But, he really loves the art world, so off he goes to graduate school to get his MFA in studio arts.

He meets a cranky teacher who invites him to join his seminar, despite calling his painting garbage. Or, maybe that’s not an invite, but a taunt? It’s really unclear. For a manga I picked up because I was in the mood for something dirty, I spent way too long trying to parse out what was going on.

What I think happens is that Aoi responds to this taunt with the kind of ‘I’ll show’ you attitude yo might expect from a shounen hero, and decides to stay late (or come in early) to the studios. He’s thinking he’ll try to level up in time for sensei’s seminar on Wednesday (in three days.) While he’s freshening up in the college bathroom, he hears two guys going at it in the toilet stall. It turns out its harda$$ “garbage” teacher (Tsukumo) and another one of his teachers, Kazuyan… and Kazuyan tells him to keep what he’s seen a secret and he’ll pass him.

Which, you know, Aoi could use.

But, then, while trying to get some of his colleagues to go out drinking with him, Aio’s friend asks Tsukumo-sensei if he wants to come along. Tsukumo insults everyone as usual but tells Aio to bring his drawings up to his studio, which Aio assumes is a “come see my etchings” kind of way.

Which maybe it is?

But then when Aio asks Tsukumo if he’s dating Kazuyan, Tsukumo says something rude about how he’s just Kazuyan’s toy and Aio is very disppointed…


Then, we have another sudden transition to a ramen shop where Aio sees his two teachers out together and he finds out that Kazuyan was Tsukumo’s first pupil.

Apparently, Kazuyan has had a big break-out and is famous enough to have his art in a museum and Aio decides to go see. Who should he meet but ‘garbage’-sensei, Tsukumo, who is gazing lovingly at his student’s work. Tsukumo apparently wants to keep his adoration a secret, because he swears Aio not to say anything again, only this time Aio demands “hush money” in the form of sex… in… the storeroom? Of the museum/gallery?  Or maybe they go back to the studio?  Because who should walk in, but Kazuyan!

Aio is all, ‘look, you’re just using him for a booty call, so give him to me.’

Kazuyan is all *shrug* sounds good, but how about we share?

And, then they have an angry threesome? I mean, they’re all into it, but garbage-sensei complains a lot in a ‘shut up’ kind of way.

The end seems to involve the two students arguing over who gets to keep garbage-sensei, and I found myself not caring either way and wondering if Zaria had written anything new lately…

So, I mean, I think I made more sense of this one than you might, if you read it. The sex is…angry? But not in a fun way. Whoever tagged this as ‘rough’ does not mean that the way I wanted it.

I’ll go see what else I can rustle up.

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