Aku yori Aku / Evil Than the Devil by Yoshida Yuuko


I finish off my week of yandere, with Aku yuri Aku/More Evil than The Devil, an odd little supernatural smutty tale of the ‘love’ between a succubus and a fallen angel.






I tend to enjoy stories involving angels. I made my debut as a fiction writer, writing science fiction about angels, fallen angels, and such–so I’m almost always up for more in that vein.  The premise of Aku yuri Aku / More Evil than the Devil seemed like a good one: a starving succubus ends up begging for a little action from Shimizu, a guy whose apartment he’s accidentally stumbled into (after having been rebuffed by Shimizu’s female neighbor.)

Shimizu basically says, “Sure, I’m up for it. That little devil tail of yours is cute, and it’s been a while for me.”


Text: “And let’s do our best, okay?” ‘Gambatte ne’ with sex, boys!

The succubus is extremely grateful and plays along with any of the perverted games Shimizu suggests. Shimizu’s suggestions, in fact, get more and more sadistic the longer the succubus stays with him because, it turns out, Shimizu is, himself, a fallen angel.

There is a suggestion that the translation doesn’t entirely make clear that the sex both feeds the succubus and may also make him human, as well–or maybe love does that, but it’s not entirely clear either. Because maybe, it’s the conscious turning away from God, which is actually a plot point in this, which does that. (But then why the succubus is rewarded with a rebirth as a human, I’m not entirely sure. Not that I’m an expert on the Christian god, but… reincarnation is not normally a Christian thing so… ??)

I will say, if you’re reading this yaoi for the story, there’s a lot of confusion around the mechanisms of how the succubus becomes human and why that makes him fade away and be reborn as a human–as opposed to Shimizu, who seems to have had his wings cut off either on purpose or as some mystical part of his own “fall.” (We see the scars on Shimizu’s back in one panel.)

But, really, why am I reading for the world-building? It’s smut!  Obviously, I spent way too much time with this one actually READING it.

Good news: the smut is fairly smutty.

I’m guessing that Shimizu is the “yandere” here, since he’s a sadist? I guess his ‘love’ for the succubus becomes obsessive when he pursues the succubus after he’s been reborn, even though the human-version keeps saying “I’m not that person you once loved.” But, Shimizu doesn’t even stalk the reborn succubus, the succubus just happens to move in next door.

So, I don’t know about this one.

The sadism is pretty good–there’s some group action here that’s kind of kinky, too, but, I have to say that the lack of kidnapping is sort of a big disappointment.

I think my favorite yandere of the week was actually Kawaii Senpai no Kaigoroshikata / How to Keep a Cute Sempai Until He Dies the one with straight-up (as it were) drugging and kidnapping. Apparently, if I’m going to buy into yandere, what I want is a good kidnapping ‘love’ story.

As I suggested in a previous blog, I’ve decided to go into next week with a new -dere.

I found a number of listings under ‘kuudere‘ So, you’re welcome to join me for a week of exploring ‘kuudere’ characters in yaoi starting next.

As long as I continue to enjoy this exercise, I may go down some of the less well-known -dere types, week-by-week, too. If you have a vote for a favorite -dere that you don’t see enough discussion of, feel free to drop me a comment.

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