Ore to Omae no Stalker Boushihou / Me and Your Anti-Stalker Law by Kanabe Goroe


I’m taking a stab at translating the title of Ore to Omae no Stalker Boushihou, since no one else has.  If you just plug the original Japanese into Google Translate you get: 俺とおまえのストーカー防止法 = Me and Your Stalker Prevention Law.

This confused me because it seemed like you might read it, “Me and your stalker, prevention law,” which caused me to google “bōshi-hō”/prevention law. I wondered if it was something like a restraining order, so that it might be “Me and Your Stalker, Restraining Order!”

But, the romaji “bōshi-hō” comes up in a Wikipedia article about prostitution as part of the word for “anti-prostitution law.” That suddenly made me realize–particularly given how this story goes–what is probably meant is an anti-stalker law.

Given that there is a main character who keeps running afoul of other people’s perceptions of him as a stalker, I decided that a good translation of this title would therefor be: “Me and Your Anti-Stalker Law.”






Chino is a construction worker who has a childhood friend on he police force. One day, after stopping at the convenience store for something sweet, Chino spots a damsel in distress. She’s being stalked by Yamada, a coffee house manager… or so it seems.

The plot of this one is honestly a little convoluted (and it’s all we get, since this is a BL in terms of smut level.)

The point is Chino drags Yamada off to the police station to file a report. This causes Yamada to make a formal “gift” apology of homemade sweets.  And, to show up again for an apology for the apology with more sweets.

Pretty soon Yamada is inching closer and closer into Chino’s life.

His friends are worried Chino has a stalker now.


Text: “What do you mean by ‘again’?! And why is his coming to your house becoming a normal thing?!”

There’s four chapters of “is he or isn’t he?” regarding Yamada’s stalker tendencies. At some point Chino stops resisting and finds Yamada’s attention endearing. I think, in fact, I get my first clue into why ‘yandere’ might be an enduring trope for Japanese audiences.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 8.44.36 PM.png

Text: “But… it would be wonderful if that obsession of yours was all ‘mine.'”

The fantasy of being the object of someone’s full, even psychotic obsession.

I can’t say I really relate. I mean, I’m with the best friend above who keeps popping in at various moments in the story to shout “RED FLAG! RED FLAG!” which Chino pointedly ignores.  But, as I have always said, your fantasy is _yours_.  I’m not going to harsh your squee.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect (and kind of funny) yandere romance, this is the yaoi for you.

The funny bits include the fact that, at one point, Yamada is so stalker-y that he’s legitimately hiding under Chino’s bed for a day (maybe days?)  Also, they have a kind of “I’m not into you, dumbass!” relationship that can be seen as kind of cute, if you find that sort of yelling cute. (And, I _can_ in the right ship. I sort of ship it in Haikyuu! for instance between Kagayama and Hinata).


Ultimately for me, this yandere love story asked too much of me (I have never found the ‘surprise’ I broke into your apartment thing attractive)– and gave too little smut. As I have said here time and time again, humor is often a hard sell for me. You might read this and wonder how I could take any of it seriously….

So, milage may vary.

For me, it’s a pass.


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