Kawaii Senpai no Kaigoroshikata /How to Keep a Cute Senpai until He Dies by Ichinashi Kimi

The bonus of “yandere seme” is that there’s a LOT of kidnapping…







In Kawaii Senpai no Kaigoroshikata/ How to Keep a Cute Senpai until He Diewe have the story of a driven, lonely Yuuya. He’s a lawyer who, every Saturday, is visited by his adoring kohei, Kanae.  They have a very cozy sort of friendship, until, one Saturday, Yuuya is late because he’s been on a date with the boss’s daughter.  Yuuya’s boss thinks it would be just grand to have his ace lawyer and his daughter in a nice arrangement.

Kanae is… less than thrilled:


Text in STALKER font: “You want a wife? What you want is a father figure, isn’t it! You just want Maki-san to be your father, right?”

Apparently, Yuuya’s dad abandoned him, so… yeah, that could totally be part of it. But, Yuuya’s been alone for so long and a wife seems like a normal thing that normal people would want.

They have a complete knock-down fight. Kanae storms off in tears…

… and shows up the next morning with a lovely “apology” breakfast. Except, yeah, the tea has been drugged.


Yuuya wakes up in Kanae’s family villa in the deep mountains. It’s off-season. They’re utterly alone, and, you got it: Yuuyu is in chains.

Cue all the nonconsensual nasty times.

During the course of all this, however, we find out that part of why Kanae has felt possessive all along is that, when Yuuya gets tipsy, he falls right into bed with Kanae. They’ve been doing this whole “Yeah, let’s meet-up on Saturday night, drink too much, and f*ck like bunnies” thing for YEARS.

Yuuya, however, never remembers any of it.

So, he’s super-confused (and, of course, HORRIFIED) by how his body responds to Kanae’s touch.

As soon as he’s able, he makes a break for it.

When he nearly slides down the mountainside, Yuuya ends up lost and nearly frostbitten. Luckily, Kanae has been out looking for him and rescues him. However, having been out in the cold for so long makes Yuuya sick. During his convalescence, Yuuya has a startling memory.


Kanae has nursed him back to health before.

In fact, Yuuya starts to realize that Kanae has always been there for him.

Of course, just has Yuuya starts to have a change of heart and think that maybe Kanae isn’t a complete crazed stalker/rapist, Kanae starts to realize that maybe you don’t treat the people you love like prisoners… Kanae drugs Yuuya once again, only this time to say “sayonara,” good-bye forever.

Yuuya tries to go on with life after that, but, of course, he can’t. Eventually, he decides he do anything for Kanae and breaks up with the boss’s daughter and runs off to where Kanae has finally accepted a job with at super-successful lawyering family’s practice. Yuuya is ready to debase himself and Kanae’s word and so they have a mutual love confession… HEA?

I mean, sure?

For such a rape-y set-up, there’s a lot of backstory in this one. The mangaka goes to some trouble to try to make Kanae’s motivation seem a little more understandable than some random yandere trope.

I kind of think this is a case where, if this were Real Life ™, I’d be worried about both these men. Clearly–and we know this from Kanae’s sister showing up at the mountain villa and being weirdly casual at the sight of a passed out man and jokingly says, “I hope I’m not abetting a crime!”–Kanae is kind of borderline.  Like, dude did not HESITATE to use drugs not once, but twice.

Yuuya is just… sad. He has no problem smacking Kanae around, but he does seem really desperate for… slavish devotion. More than once, when we first meet, him, he tends to think about Kanae as a puppy following him around:


And, this is a huge turn-on for him.

So, Real Life ™, maybe see a therapist?

But, as a fantasy, it’s fairly entertaining. The art style is a little wispy for me in places, but the sex is graphic and plentiful. The story is actually more there than I usually need, but, in this case, I thought it added to the whole scenario.

Plus, three and a half chapters is all there is, so it’s a very quick diversion.

I may be done with yandere after this, but part of me wants to read a full week of ‘yandere’ men.

I thought maybe next week, I’d do some of the other -deres.

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