Yandere Hitotsu Yane no Shita / Yandere Under One Roof by Akane Haru


I should have guessed that it would take a yaoi with “Yandere” in the title to actually show me a yandere male lead!







THIS was what I was expecting!  In Yandere Hitotsu Yane no Shita / Yandere Under One Roof, there is actually a character that goes from “Love you!” to “I will MURDER you if you look at someone else!” in a flash.


The first two chapters – “Service Me Good” and “More! Service Me Good” – we have Michiya, who is incredibly doting on Takayuki. Taka is a doofy little straight boi who likes being spoiled. He took advantage of Michiya in college, even moving himself in with Michiya when his girlfriend dumped him. Now, somehow, they still live together and Michiya… watches over him.  Making his bento, getting him dressed in the morning, and… insisting on an awkward hug every morning.


I love the “doesn’t know where to put his hands” and the utter deviousness of insisting on hugs as “stress relief.”

Taka continues on obliviously until an office lady asks him out to ramen.  When Taka comes home smelling of a WOMAN, Michiya drops all pretense of being “Mr. Nice Guy” and goes surprisingly rough with the sex. I can’t say it’s ‘rape’ per se, because we find out that Taka and Michiya have been doing a lot of the sexing…. pretty much everything up to actual insertion and it’s not like Taka is entirely unhappy with it, he’s just surprised by the roughness.

Chapter two is more of the same, except that we find out that Michiya has been using the cellphone he bought Taka to literally spy on him all day long. When there’s a bad connection, Michiya mistakenly thinks that Taka is planning to leave him. (Taka, of course, is actually working up the nerve to make a proper love confession.)

This time Michiya meets Taka at the door with an ankle cuff!

EXACTLY as expected of a yandere!


Finally, a real yandere male lead!

Two chapters are “It’s Not My Fault My Boss Became a Bitch” and “My Bitchy Boss is Too Relentless, Its Troubling.”


I think only the first two chapters have an actual yandere character in it. Unless, somehow, just being slutty is also being yandere? Yeah, no, I think this is the classic case of the first story gets the tankoban title.

On with the story…

Hakamada Kazushi is a hotel concierge. He’s been working hard for a promotion and he finally got it. Only, he discovers the new hotel manager is actually someone he once… was a little nasty with, Naruko Shuuichi. Naruko grew up rather sheltered, in fact, he mostly grew up in Scotland, but he returned to Japan. So, his Japanese slang is a bit shaky.

One day, while cleaning rooms together, Hakamada and Naruko come across a room that’s clearly been the center of some, shall we say, sexual romping. When Naruko is confused how Hakamada knows, Hakamada decides it’d be a good idea to show this little innocent virgin by EXAMPLE, if you know what I mean.

It was a big turn on for him, but he’s pretty aware that it was sexual harassment.

And now that guy is his boss.

Luckily for Hakamada, Naruko doesn’t really carry a grudge so much as would like more of that hot lovin’ ASAP.


The rest of the chapter and all of the next one is about the two of them going from ‘sex friends’ to boyfriends.  In fact, as the panel above implies, at one point Hakamada starts to worry that the only thing Naruko is into is his dick.

Through much sex therapy, the two work it out.

The next chapter is “I’ll Be Cute, So Give Me More.”

This chapter is about a young man, Minato, who works at a crossdressing hostess bar.  While working there, he into his father’s work partner, Machida. He ends up confessing to Machida that his dad has taken ill and so the family has fallen on hard times. Machida offers to cut Minato a deal–and, you can take two guesses what that deal might be!

Yep, sex work.

There’s a kind of sad undercurrent in this chapter, though. Minato has never thought of himself as cute, except when he’s dressed up.  He ends up working really hard to please Machida just to hear him say how ‘cute’ he is during sex–even going so far as to copy the look of an idol that Machida got excited by on TV.

Turns out, he really wants to be loved as a man.

It’s kind of an opposite of gender dysphoria, in a way.  Minato can’t believe he’d ever be cute to a man as another man.

Eventually, Minato gets horrified by the fact that he’s trading sex for money and he calls it quits with Machida. Machida demands to know what’s going on. Finally, Minato confesses that he doesn’t want to do it for money anymore. Machida still wants him, so they agree to meet, with Minato in men’s clothing.

During sex, Minato decides that what he wants is not to hear that he’s cute–although Michida clearly thinks he is, anyway–but that he’s loved.

The last chapter is a return to the Yandere of the title with a little more of why Michiya fell for Taka. At the very end, there are some actually fairly funny extras, which feature an “uke cafe” and a “seme cafe” with all the men talking to each other about their various adventures.

Having read this whole thing, I’m beginning to wonder if the other two “yandere male leads” tagged pieces I read are actually chapters out of context. Like the manga that get tagged “vampire” when only one of the stories features a vampire. So much of yaoi, I’ve discovered, gets scanlated piecemeal and chopped up and separated from its context/original volume.

Ah, well! At least I finally found my match! The first/title story definitely features what I would think of as a yandere male lead.

The rest are fun and smutty and I would totally recommend them if any  of them sound like your jam.

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