Chou to Hana no Kankeisei / The Relationship Between Flowers and Butterflies by Akabeko


I found Chou to Hana no Kankeisei / The Relationship Between Flowers and Butterflies by randomly picking “Y” in Baka-Updates’ list of tags and coming across “Yandere Male Lead.”

Yandere has an odd definition:

Your Dictionary defines it this way:

  1. (chiefly Japanese fiction) A fictional character who fits the archetype of being genuinely romantic, loving, kind, merciful, sparing, sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic or deranged in behavior. The psychotic tendency can be both sudden and ever-present. Often used for both comedic and dramatic displays of character.

Anime Know-How has a whole article on Yandere, but says it’s basically this:

“…taken from Japan, the term is used to refer to a cute character who goes crazy when they fall in love – literally. The adorable characters aren’t crazy in the cute way; They become obsessed with the object of their affection, and a yandere figure will kill anyone who gets in their way.”

I’m not sure there’s a character in this manga quite fits any of those descriptions, but it was an interesting story (with plenty of smut,) anyway.








The main character is actually Hanada Sakutarou, a guy who has spent much of his life being, as he puts it, being brutalized by Japan’s strict hierarchal system.


And maybe kind of liked that?

But, I’m getting ahead of the story.

Now, he’s ready to join the workforce and figures it’s going to be more of the same.

Except, he ends up at a world’s most super-chill office environment.  They sell hair and beauty products, and Hanada’s new boss is Chouno, whom I can only figure is our supposed yandere.

Hanada spends his entire first week, expecting some kind of abuse. When the office party for newbies rolls around, he figures this is it. The sempai are going to make the newbies chug-a-lug beer until they puke!

Yeah, no. Turns out, it’s all fruity kiddie-cocktails and yoghurt drinks.

Chouno figures out that all this niceness is making Hanada weirdly bummed out and makes a casual comment that he should drink. Hanada jumps to like it’s an order, and Chuono finds this adorable enough to make him do it until Hanada really *is* too drunk to get himself home.

They sleep together.

Only… this first time, it’s just sleeping.

I suppose this is the sweet part of Chouno.  He doesn’t make his move until, later, in the storeroom, he decides to see what else he can order Hanada to do.  (Bonus: a LOT). He tells Hanada that he thinks Hanada an “M,” a masochist.

To be fair, he does seem to be.

Chouno is also really good at being a dom, or, at least, finding sexy ways to hurt Hanada. But, it’s actually not really his thing.  He confesses that at one point, which leads to their True love confession–because, of course, Hanada decides he’s being a burden, goes cold, tries to find another hook-up. Naturally, Chouno spots him and drags him off to rough sex.

HEA, the end.

It’s S/M, for sure, but I don’t see any yandere stuff going on, at least as defined above. Yeah, he gets jealous and drags Hanada away, but I’ve seen that in dozens of yaoi with characters NOT labeled “yandere.”

It’s possible that Chouno is seen as romantic and loving because he doesn’t immediately pounce on Hanada.

Maybe, too,  this curious detail: Chouno has a tattoo he describes as “a womb.”


It was, apparently, an impulse he regrets because he thinks it’s “girly.” I briefly thought we were going to get a reveal that he was a trans man, but that didn’t happen, so, I guess, it’s just “sweet”?

Maybe it all boils down to this singular line of Chouno?


Text: “The thought of you suffering with some other guy besides me is… sickening.”

I guess that fits the bill?

Maybe there’s more coming that will prove that Chouno is more yondere than I think. There are raws (untranslated images) up for the next chapters, but they look like they follow a different couple, so…?

In the end, it doesn’t entirely matter. I found another entertaining, smutty S/M yaoi to read.

Would I recommend it? It’s short and graphic, so yes? There are definitely moments of dubious consent, so if that’s a no-go, don’t go.

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