From Points of Three by White Eared

WordPress noted a dramatic spike in visitors to this site in the last couple of days.

The only thing I can possibly attribute that to, is the link under my guest of honor appearance notice on Minicon 53‘s main page with the words “You can see some of her work at:” followed by my website and… this review blog.

My work?

Well, gentle reader, I wouldn’t exactly call my reviews of smut and porn here as “my life’s work,” but, sure.

If you’re curious about what kind of person I am, no doubt my taste in yaoi and manga will let you know… certain… proclivities of mine. If that’s what you’re looking for….

However, no offense to this blog, which I dearly love, I would not exactly call what I do here “examples of my writing.”

Please go to my website for that. If you scroll down on my fiction page to my short fiction, there are a number of excerpts available for you to sample, including a link to Blythe House Quarterly, Volume 11, which has the full text of my short story “Indigo Bunting.”  Or, if you want to know what I do when I’m _seriously_ reviewing things, check out my work at TwinCities Geek, like, my recent review of Black Panther’s Nation Under Our Feet.

Or, I dunno, BUY MY BOOKS.

(Or the books of my romance pseudonym, Tate Hallaway)

Here, the most you can find out about me is that I recently raced through From Points of Three looking for the dirty bits, because… yeah, there’s a lot of them.

Here’s the official teaser:

“Jisuh is quiet, unassuming… observant. He’s suited to working behind the camera. But for reasons he’s not exactly quick to disclose, he’s run into some debt. Heejae, an actor he’s worked with before, proposes he work with him exclusively on a private project of his…shooting himself and his partner having sex. Jisuh thought he was hired for his camera skills, but Heejae seems to know an awful lot about him and he can’t help but wonder why he really hired him.”





Right, so, there’s some kind of mystery involving Jisuh’s past, but the important part is that it makes him vulnerable to Heejae, a sadist, who especially loves making porn movies torturing his partner.


I skimmed this particular BL/yaoi because I didn’t much care for the art. As you can see, there are a lot of sort of crude lines here. Heejae’s face and proportions seem very off to me in that top panel.  I mean, it’s not bad when you’re racing from porny scene to the next, but it’s not nearly as lovely as some of the work I’ve come to expect from Korean artist.

My favorite character in this is the unnamed partner in the synopsis, Sun-Yool.  The relationship between Heejae and Sun-Yool is… complicated. Heejae is an actor who is famous enough to appear in regular roles, and commercials, and what have you. Sun-Yool… I don’t know if we ever get much of his story (and, honestly,  may have skimmed over it, if we did,) but he’s not really Heejae’s LOVER, per se. He’s more “the sex friend,” if sex friending involves filming porn together, which, apparently in Heejae’s case, it does.

So, it’s kind of a love story between Heejae and Jisuh, but with a third person… and a lot of BDSM?

Am I recommending it? Yeah, sure, but only if you’re as perverted as I am.


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