Hamerare Host by Kaneko Ako


Continuing down the alphabetical listing of manga with the ‘prostitution’ tag on Baka-Updates, I came across Hamerare Host.  This is a terrible story, so, of course, I liked it.






Our hero, Keigo, is a the number one host at Club Kissing. All the ladies love him, all the other hosts want to be him.

Well, that is, everyone but number two, Tomoya….


It kind of looks like number2 would like to punch number one in his cute, smug face…

But, everyone has to do their best because tonight is a big night.  Nagase-sensei has bought the place out, to show his nurses a good time.  Since part of how Keigo gets paid (and secures his number one spot) is by how many bottles of the expensive champaign the ladies drink, Keigo challenges the doctor to a drinking challenge. If Keigo wins, the doctor must consider becoming Keigo’s regular customer; the the doctor wins, Keigo will pay for all the drinks.

The doctor, a devious one, is all, “ha, ha, like I’d even want to win a bet like that.”


You’re surprised? Really?

So, the night goes on, until the skeevy doctor corners Keigo in the bathroom.  He’s pretty drunk and he thinks maybe this whole having won the right to be a regular thing comes with benefits.

And he’s pushy.


I think you meant “habit,” dear translator, but “hobby” works.

And he doesn’t take no for an answer.

In fact, Nagase-sensei figures this little bet entitles him to rape Keigo with impunity.  Keigo, meanwhile, is very much trapped by his desire to keep his spot as the number one host…. and, you know, the money that comes with it.


Number two guy, Tomoya, goes to check on Keigo and stumbles in on them getting it on.  Later, Tomoya confronts Keigo, noting that too much of that kind of thing (especially on the premise,) could cost Keigo his job.

Keigo’s solution is to seduce Tomoya in the same bathroom.

This causes problems the next time the doctor shows up. Tomoya does the dude-shoulder bump to Nagase-sensei. Of course, he has to apologize and the doctor figures out that Keigo has been slutting around with Tomoya too.  So, there is “punishment” involving sex toys… and inviting Tomoya to watch/join in.

Did I mention this whole thing is super explicit and rape-y?

The next chapter skips to Keigo’s birthday, where the doctor has planned kinky pleasures… and that’s the entire chapter, with help from Tomoya, again as well.

The final chapter is a weird little kidnapping set up by one of the girls who really wants Tomoya to be number one and figures the way to do it is by kidnaping and beating up Keigo.  Luckily, it turns out that the doctor really is a medical doctor so he can bandage Kegio up AND have sex with him in the hospital!

Honestly, this is very plot-what-plot, heavy on the smut.  The manga ends with the question, how long with this go on? But, however long it is, “I’ll shine at his request again tonight,” which is one of those things that is clearly not quite translatable, but you get the gist of it.

Also, I could not get over the hero’s name, since it’s the same as this guy… who actually looks a little like a younger version of this guy?


Keigo Asano, from Bleach… who did always seem a little gay for Ichigo…

Given how badly Bleach ended for a lot of the characters, the idea that this Keigo could grow up to be host club Keigo, doesn’t actually seem like much of a stretch to me.

But, in all seriousness, I can’t recommend Hamerare Host to you if you are at all uncomfortable with rape. Keigo clearly says “no” a lot, and the doctor is totally sadistic and twisted. If you’re looking for smut and can roll with non-con, however, this one is definitely for you.

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