Plum Crazy: Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat / Kijitora Neko no Koume-san (Vols. 1 & 2) by Natsumi Hoshino


I’ve reverted to my old ways. When I was working at the library on Saturday, I picked up the first two volumes of Kijitora Neko no Koume-san / Plum Crazy: Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat, which is pretty much a story about owing cats… and not much else.


The cats in this story don’t even have thought-bubbles like in Chi’s Sweet Home, though Plum, in particular, is clearly very intelligent.  But, otherwise, yeah, it’s about cats getting up cat stuff.



I mean not that I’m complaining! I read both volumes and would easily have read the next two if #3 had been at the library.

I’m fairly bummed that no one is scanlating this one for all y’all, because it’s really adorable. (There are four volumes that have been officially translated in English, via Seven Seas Entertainment--a publisher I’ve never heard of, but apparently they also translated My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, which I have been wanting to read since forever…)  Baka-Updates says there are 17 volumes out in Japan.

That’s a lot of cats… just doing cat stuff.

Cats are endlessly entertaining and adorable. The Nakarai family–a mom and her son–run a traditional dance studio, though we see almost nothing of their lives, except for the one time Plum tags along with Taku (the son) to his school to try to get away from the tail-bitting kitten, Snowball, that Plum rescued.

In many ways, I could write this, given that I have five cats at home… and there’s always a lot of tail-biting adventures here. Yet, it’s charming and engaging. The art is particularly adorable, IMHO.

This reminds me, in a semi-unrelated note, I’m SUPER excited that an actual CAT CAFE is opening up in Minneapolis (just across the river from me), called Café Meow.  When it opens, I plan to go and take all the pictures.


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