Oreimo / Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai by Tsukasa Fushimi / Hiro Kanzaki (Vol. 1)

Who decides which manga my library gets? Are they COMPLETELY perverted????

Okay, so there I am in the backroom.  The library I’m at is fairly busy, but, at the moment, there’s a lull.  Once again, I hunt around the back room for any manga that hasn’t been shelved yet that has a volume 1.  What do I find?  Oreimo, a.k.a. My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute / Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai or often, simply Ore no Imouto 


Are you as afraid as I am about what this is about?  Yeah, well, you’d be right.

What we have here is onii-chan, Kyōsuke Kōsaka, a self-proclaimed normal seventeen year old boy, who happens to think his younger sister is super-duper hot. He tells us early on, “If someone told you she was a magazine model, you wouldn’t doubt it.”

His imoutou (younger sister) is Kirino, with whom he’s had a barely functional relationship for several years running.  They hardly speak to each other.

One day, however,  Kyōsuke runs into Kirino in the hallway of their house. Like, literally, they crash, and her purse spilled out.  She gives him the usual disdainful: “Don’t touch my stuff” scoops up all her belongings and runs off.

Kyōsuke later finds a DVD of a magical girl anime. He’s kind of a dope and can’t figure out who it would belong to (really? You found it in the hallway almost IMMEDIATELY after running into your sister!!)–because no one in their household is into that stuff.  There ain’t no otaku here, damn it!

It gets weirder when he opens up the case–ostensibly to look for a name that might indicate who it belongs to–and discovers that the disc does not match the case. In fact, the disc is an eroge, an erotic game.

Weirder yet, it’s a game in which younger sisters seduce an older brother.


Look, incest is a kink.  I get that. You are always, ALWAYS welcome to your kinks in my house.  I’m not going to kink-shame you. What you get up to in your own head is your business.

But, personally, this is not for me.  I kept reading the manga for a while because, I kept thinking…. are they really going to go there?  At first it seems like maybe not.  The younger sister, Kirino seems to be far more into pursing the girls in the game because they are so, so very moe and kawaii.

But then there’s all that blushing that goes on between Kirino and Kyōsuke, and that scene where she crawls up his body with her boobies practically hanging out and drawn lovely, perfectly framed for the male-gaze.

Yeah, nope. For me, that was all she wrote.

Peace out.*





* SPOILER ALERT: Since I didn’t finish this one, I did a little research into it.  I was curious to know if I was wrong about where this was headed. I’m not.  Apparently,  Oreimo is based on a light novel and there is an anime.  The Interwebs tells me that the OVA makes it pretty clear that the siblings are a romantic couple at the end in some kind of happily ever after (?)


2 thoughts on “Oreimo / Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai by Tsukasa Fushimi / Hiro Kanzaki (Vol. 1)

  1. Yeah no. Missed any semblance of acceptance of that particular titillation over here. Maybe that falls into the hentai pit I just do not understand. Nopetopus. Hork.
    Ps. Your library probably buys in bulk from a distributors list and the purchasers don’t read Japanese? Like all those Romanian “science journals” in my university library. “I’ll take these 4 pages thanks…”

  2. I’m not sure if that’s the case with my library. I should probably break down and ask someone. Maybe tomorrow at work? Thing is, Ramsey County seems to have very deliberately different manga than the Saint Paul and Hennepin County systems, which the exception of the obviously popular ones like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc. I think someone is making these choices. It seems pretty clear to me, however, that they do not understand Japanese publishing categories. Oriemo was published as ‘seinen’ and that’s targeted to ADULT males. I wouldn’t shelf this in teens, but that’s precisely where I found it.

    *shakes head*

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