Host is Down by Nishin Masumi

Still… cooking… Though I appear to be in the final stretch, so this may be the last one for the night.

I decided to search for science fiction yaoi again and I managed to find a quirky, dark one-shot called Host is Down.





What we have here in an android who appears to be the sole-survivor on a derelict and adrift ship.  In fact, he’s been afloat so long he’s down to siphoning off little bits of energy from what remains of the ship’s power in order to keep himself and the body of his human master, which is being held in stasis, alive.

The ship gets raided.  At first, our hero is unfazed:


You know what I find attractive in a man? The size of his “battery.”

Then space pirates do as space pirates are.  Cue: fully-functional android jokes and a lot of gang-rape, while the ship itself is also raided. The android seems willing to exchange all this abuse for his master’s stasis chamber being fixed/powered-up. Of course, the pirates say they will, but they really only care about the pillaging and the plundering, being pirates.  In fact, the head pirate is all, ‘you want this fixed, how about a permanent fix’ and starts to go after master with an axe.

Android goes full on assassin mode and his former rapists are now just a bunch of rotting corpses.  The bad guys get a swing in, so our android hero is out for the count… and out an arm.

That is, until real rescue arrives….

They recharge our android healer and give our poor android the bad news, ‘Master is no more.’ “No, no,” our despondent android says, “That’s not right! He should be waking any moment.”  I thought, “Aw, poor delusional android. He got all that abuse for nothing and his master isn’t even still alive.”

Except, there’s a twist.

Should I tell you? I mean, I feel like it might be worth it for you to go and read this extremely short piece and get the pay off for yourself.  At this point, you can probably guess, anyway.  But, suffice to say, I found this one kind of fun and surprising in a horror sort of way.

OMG, last of the fleischkuechle out of the frier!



3 thoughts on “Host is Down by Nishin Masumi

  1. Ya know, now I have a really bad craving for pieroshki for some weird reason and I think I need to look this robot one up. BRB

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