This Seems to be New: Gangsta. 42

Oh, gods, fingers crossed, this chapter actually seems to be new!  MangaTown has Chapter 42 up. Go read it!





This chapter open with… someone…. Emilio(?) hanging out on a stoop, watching the world go by as the fight with Galahad, a bunch of people from the Guild (Lancelot in the goggles,  Arthur, and, the randomly named, Hausen,) and the Hunter/Executioner Colt (? Maybe?) rages nearby.

When Emilio sees Galahad overhead, he freaks out.  He seems upset that the fight is taking place in Paulkee territory (why that matters, I’m not sure.) Apparently not having much faith in his colleagues’ ability to win this fight, perhaps, he starts worrying about what will happen if they’re forced out of the city.  That, he tells us, would be “bad” for him. “That,” he said, “I absolutely can not have.”

Emilio takes off running and the scene shifts to the the action inside.

Wherein, I find myself weirdly attracted to this guy:


Hausen, I mean. Arthur is interesting, too, but there’s something about Hausen…

So, he’s probably doomed. We apparently don’t know his rank (though I thought I had vague memories of him being ‘S’ class,) but he’s pretty bada$$. At one point he tosses a tiny vial of gasoline on Colt and then flicks his lit cigarette at him.

The fight ends when Emilio throws a bomb into the fray.  In the smoke and confusion, Colt hauls Emilio away and they make their escape through a hole in the roof.


Hausen tells Lancelot and Arthur not to give chase. He’s going to make a report to the Guild Headquarters. Hausen seems to be under the impression that the Hunters only got into the city because the Guild’s security was lax, and so it’s their responsibility to take care of them.

Galahad seems… uncertain (and I really like this shot of him):


Hausen notices a pair of rings on the floor and thinks they’re Galahad’s.  Galahad instantly recognizes them as Marco and Connie’s, however, and is very upset because he knows the only way they’d come of Connie’s neck is if she’s dead.

We flash to Connie and Beretta.  Connie is in a bad way and it looks like Marco might be dead…? Especially since the page crawl reads: “Losing the meaning of life.”


Yeah… so that’s not good.

I think I would be more upset by this potential death if the Gangsta. spin-off Gangtsa. : Cursed didn’t make me loath Marco. I mean, maybe the story got better, but I quit after about the second chapter when Marco was wandering around slaughtering entire families of Twilights. It was kind of a gore fest, so I see this moment as a bit of divine retribution. You died as you lived, Marco. I’m sorry for Connie’s loss, but… you? Everyone in this manga, even Nic, has a dark past, but yours was pretty awful.

But this does make me wonder if anyone we like is going to survive this mayhem.  I am still holding out hope that newly minted “Storage” (aka Worick) has something up his sleeve beyond betrayal. The hard part of holding out that particular hope is that, well… Worick has a decent reason to betray Nic. We know Nic killed his father and, pretty much the entire estate, and that Worick has never entirely made peace with that–even though he must acknowledge that Nic was attempting to ‘save’ him from continued abuse.  Even so, we know that moment still haunts Worick and there have been moments, recently, when Worick has shown hostility towards Nic’s darker tendencies (even as he drags him back to Theo’s to be patched up). So, I feel like there’s a real tension there. I hope, however, Worick will only use his complicated past with Nic to fool other people into believing his betrayal is real… when it isn’t.

Fingers crossed.

Also, fingers crossed that Kosuke is back? Does anyone know if this is a thing now?


2 thoughts on “This Seems to be New: Gangsta. 42

  1. Sadly read in raws last year. Ch 42 was the last one I’ve seen. Only merching recently to be found. No trace of the mangaka.

    • Yeah, I just did some Tumblr research myself. Very sad. Although, as I said to Josey, at least this way the manga’s ending can’t be ruined. Nic will forever be alive–if hovering on the brink of death (kind of par for the course for him, honestly) and Worick hasn’t YET entirely betrayed everyone. So, if it has to end here…eh. We only lost Marco (and Doug, who frankly, I still deeply mourn.)

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