Gangsta. 41 by Kosuke


It’s back, you guys! It’s back! I think some of you über fans out there have already seen these panels in ‘the raw,’ as we say, but I’m extremely excited to see them in translation over at MangaTown because I hope to all that is holy that this is signaling the long-awaited return of Kosuke.






Gangsta. 41 picks up where 40 left off, mid-flashback, mid-fight between Striker and Marco. (If you’d like a quick refresher of the events in 40, you can read my review from Jan. 2, 2016. Yes, it’s really been THAT long.)

The fight is canon-typically brutal. The only thing we learn is that apparently Striker and Marco once discussed what they would do if they eliminated all the Tags.  Marco thought they should all die, and offered to be the one to take Striker out, in that eventuality.  Striker, being a sociopath, thought that seemed like a pretty nice promise.

So, he’s disappointed in how weak Marco is now, how he’s fallen for a normal (Connie, in case you’ve forgotten), and, worse yet, has allied himself with Monroe, who is the main source of Celebrer  for the Twilight/Tag community.

I still think Spas is the most ridiculous moniker in the history of time, and hope there is a future scene where we get to hear the line: “The name is Marco!”

Fingers crossed.

Then, we flash to Beretta (?) who has one-armed Connie hostage. Beretta apparently has rape on her mind. Connie, despite being only human, is having none of that bullish*t. However, despite her plucky nature, I have absolutely ZERO hope for Connie’s survival, given that when she stumbles down the stairs in her desperate attempt to escape, what she knocks off the table (and, of which we get not ONE, but TWO close-ups of) is this:


Semtex… welp, that there’s a seriously POWERFUL explosive… oh, and look, all the wire you’d need…. things gonna go boooooom

Speaking of suicidal, back at Dr. Theo‘s, Nic* wakes up and rips the curtain off its hinges trying to get to his mother’s katana…


OMG, I’ve missed that face!

Once Nina shows him the blade is there and gives it to him, Nic seems to be mollified. He at least collapses into her tiny arms.

His collapse is followed by this really poignant scene with Alex* that I’m really not sure what to make of:


The close-up on his A-1 status tag really freaks me out.  Is it because we recently learned that Nic hypes himself past this true ability level?? Regardless, it seems ominous in a way that makes my stomach clench.

Then we get a really short (probably deeply important scene) between creepy-ass Ivan and another boss that we haven’t really seen all that much of, Tag-hating Uranos Corisca (who happens to be the owner of Big Mama‘s brothel, The Bastard [“Pussy” in the anime].)  Daniel Monroe seems to be in this scene, too, and he’s giving advice to Corisca about someone who “will appear” who will be a big help, but “tends to bite.”

Cue: Worick* arriving at The Bastard.

A lot of naked boobs say hello, excitedly, to Worick.  Only one of the girls seems to be aware that there is something really, seriously off about Worick’s behavior.  Big Mama tells Worick that she can’t talk business with him–they’re not supposed to be friends, after all, but she assures him that she’ll continue to take care of Veronica.

Worryingly, Worick says, “I don’t need her any more.” The power is shifted, the Benriya are dissolved–and, oh, and by the way, I’m now known as “Storage.”  He wants Big Mama to tell Corisca that he’s brought the head of Miles, the Monroe lieutenant, as a “present” (people keep offering body parts as “presents.” I do not think this word means what you think it means.)

And that’s where the chapter ends.

The thing I’m most fascinated by is Worick’s codename. “Storage.” I mean, obviously, this is a reference to his hyperthymesia (sometimes called ‘photographic memory.’) I’m also a little concerned because I half-remember Monroe (or maybe Ivan) suddenly having a kind of mind-control power over Delico (who he convinced to shoot Yang in the back.) I don’t know how this could have happened, but I worry that Worick is under the same spell.  (A friend of mine and I are hoping this is actually a double-cross on Worick’s part and he’s playing along and not REALLY under the influence.) I guess I’m just especially worried since Monroe seemed to know that Worick was coming….

So, now, I guess we really have to wait and see if we’re getting more Gangsta soon-ish, or if this was just a giant tease, because maybe the tankobon finally came out? (I did notice page numbers on the scanlation, so maybe this is just someone being completist and getting out the chapters we officially have translated now.)

I’m going to cross my fingers that Kosuke is making a return. I really, really love Gangsta. I was an early fan, and I remain very devoted to this world (minus the gory spin-off with Marco)—okay, actually, no, I could kind of give no craps about anyone else, JUST GIVE ME ALL THE NICOLAS BROWN!

* if you don’t remember Benirya, Nicholas Brown, Worick Arcangelo, and Alex Bendetto… I don’t know what to say.  It’s been a long time, but they are the core of this story. Literally, everyone and everything else, I will forgive. I have a terrible memory myself, and I’ve notice that names don’t really stick for me until I start writing fan fic in that universe.


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