Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri by Agata Ito


Sometimes when I’m trying to write a sexy scene for my fan fiction, I end up looking for inspiration by meandering down the yaoi hashtag on Tumblr. I came across a rather, shall we say, intriguing (very NSFW) image and I thought I would take a chance and check this one out.





Futouhen Sankekkei no Teiri is basically a porn movie set-up.  I guess that’s intentional  since our hero, Onose-kun works at a video store.  It’s closing time, and a cute guy, Ikumi, wearing one of those surgical masks people put on when they have a cold brings up a hard core gay porn movie to  check out. His rental card is expired, so there’s some bureaucratic hoops to jump through before he can just walk out with his pick.


Ikumi stands there, the more ‘sick’ he seems.  Onose is both concerned about him, but also, you know, takes the opportunity to check him out.

Like you would.

 Onose is totally straight, of course, TOTALLY, but, you know, how it is in these things–just one whiff of Teh Gay and, suddenly, you’re considering things you never thought of before.

And, there’s a bit of hurt/comfort going on here, because look at this poor guy!

When Onose finally closes up for the night, he sees Ikume clinging shakily to a lamppost.  There is some discussion about what’s wrong and Ikumi let’s slip that maybe he’ll be fine, if he could just get used to the the vibrations. Onose is all, “???” but suggests maybe he could help Ikumi get back to his place, since he just happened to notice his address on the renewal form and it wasn’t far from the shop.

Ikumi lives on the top floor of a swanky apartment and, much to Onose’s surprise, someone else is home when they arrive.

Roommate suggests Onose come in for a while, maybe have a cup of coffee or beer as as thank you for helping Ikumi home.  Onose is feeling a little weird about it all because, well, for one, he kind of hoped to ditch and run, but also Ikumi’s heavy breathing and flushed face in the elevator on the ride up was kind of turning him ON.

Things, of course, are about to get a lot weirder (or, depending, a lot hotter.)  Yes, it’s nice of you to help Ikumi out of his suit so it won’t get wrinkled, Onose, but, no, no one thought that buzzing at Ikumi’s backside was a phone ringing, except you.

So yeah…

Sexy times ensue.

We do find out that Ikumi is doing what he’s doing as a dare, but that’s because roommate knew that Ikumi had a crush on Onose.

One warning, in case it’s a squick of yours, the “roommate” turns out to be older brother.  Normally, I don’t read incest, but I got suckered into this one as the reveal isn’t until the very end (though I kind of figured… it was easier to pretend they just happened to look a lot a like until the confirmation at the end.)

The sex is explicit, fairly hot, and to my taste (which I think has been established is fairly perverted.)  So, if you can get over the whole ‘they’re brothers’ thing, I would recommend it to you.  After the amazing art of In These Words, Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri seems flat, but it’s decent-to-good art–certainly more than tolerable for a one-shot.


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