In These Words Vol. 2


I couldn’t stand not knowing was was going to happen next SO MUCH that I actually ordered the second collection of In These Words directly from the publisher.

It came today.





The story picks up just where it left off in volume 1.  Serial killer Shinohara has cornered our psychologist hero, Asano Katsuya.  There is tazering.  There are threats and fondling. Sexual torture ensues.


In the middle of it, we discover that the ‘dreams’ Asano has been having are based on reality.  Shinohara takes a picture of the scars on Asano’s back and shows them to him.  Much, “This can’t be true” is said.

Then, Shinohara takes Asano back to the very warehouse where he was tortured in all his dreams, where we discover….

…Shinohara isn’t the same guy that tortured Asano.

Similar looking, but no. Not at all.

Here’s where things get weird and a little confusing. Because, all of a sudden we get flashbacks to where Shinohara recruits Asano to work for the police. That’s right Shinohara isn’t even a bad guy. He’s just been play-acting one, in the hopes of triggering Asano’s proper memories.  In fact, this entire prison thing has been a ruse to try to get Asano over this massive mental block he had over the true identity of his torturer.

The last two-thirds of the book is devoted to the meet-cute, which involves going to a love hotel in order to look through case files in private. (Don’t ask. It actually kind of works, though.)

We also find out that Asano totally deserves his campus nickname “Ice Queen” because after their first VERY VANILLA hook-up Asano lays out the rules and they’re basically, “Look, this is just f*cking, don’t fall in love, don’t tell anyone about us, and don’t ever touch me in public.  I make the appointments and you show up if you want some. Otherwise, it’s all off. And I bite your dick off.” (Seriously, he demonstrates on a piece of steak.)

So, I’m guessing this is an on-going thing and I’m just going to have to wait until there’s a third volume completed before I can get to the end of this thing. Because from what I can tell the ACTUAL serial killer is still at-large somewhere and just being f*ck buddies isn’t USUALLY where these sorts of stories end — although maybe? Still, there’s been no plot resolution whatsoever, and I kind of have to figure they’re at least going to try to catch the real villain at some point.

Was it worth the $ I spent to have it shipped? Totally. This thing is GORGEOUS. There are amazing pull-out ‘posters’ and every page is very well-drawn.  I’m a little disappointed it’s not wrapped up in two volumes, but I can wait.



2 thoughts on “In These Words Vol. 2

  1. I love that you had to cave and order it. The art is stunning. And also the tricksy plot. Not just hawt sex but more depth. Good to know.

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