In These Words by TogaQ+ KichikuNeko


What is with manhuas? Why are they so well drawn?  Why are the stories so… right up my kinky alley?





Bad news first.  In These Words is another one that I have not found scanlated.  I picked up this volume at Quatrefoil, and no one seems to be scanning this.  Worse, when I went to look to see if I might just go ahead and buy the second volume in English from the publishers… the price on was… unreasonable (Like, seriously, 69 dollars!)

This is a huge shame, because this manhua is stunningly illustrated and the story is kinky af.

The story follows psychologist, Asano Katsuya, a renown U.S.-trained, criminal profiler. The Tokyo police have hired Asano-sensei to get a confession out of Shinobara Keiji, a serial killer.

A couple curious circumstances arise, however.  One, Asano-sensei keeps having these extremely vivid nightmares about being one of Shinobara’s victims.  In fact, the volume starts with a prologue (written, like, as a light-novel, which is funky,) that makes you think Asano was maybe picked up by Shinobara  at a coffee shop, drugged, and held captive for weeks.  Only… after several wonderfully explicit panels of all the torture, Asano wakes up.  It’s all been a dream.

Or has it?

A young detective has shown up at Asano’s apartment to take him to talk to the chief of police about the big assignment.  Except, sensei has kind of forgotten where he’s supposed to be going or what he’s supposed to be doing.  It seems that Asano-sensei has not only been plagued by the vivid nightmares, but also these odd headaches.

Add on top of that, we find out when the police chief explains his mission to him, Shinobara has requested him specifically…. in fact, he won’t talk to any other psychologist and they need this confession, pronto.

Thus, the reader is left with an uneasy feeling that maybe these dreams aren’t just empathetic projection.

That feeling is underscored by the fact that at one point the young detective ‘reminds’ Asano-sensei to take a pill that sensei does NOT remember being prescribed… and that immediately brings on the headache again.

Something is clearly going on between Asano and Shinobara.

Only what, exactly?  Was he a former victim? Will be a new one?

The volume ends just when Shinobara has come up with a way to corner the doctor… and I pretty much ripped through the internet desperate to get my hands on volume 2 to find out what happens next.


The art is amazing, did I mention?

[IM] In These Words - Vol01 - Ch03 - p102.jpg

Also all the sex is explicit, no invisible penises.

I’m so bummed not to have more of this, AND that I can’t share it with you because it’s not on-line, anywhere.

Sad face.


4 thoughts on “In These Words by TogaQ+ KichikuNeko

  1. I love the look of that complex art. One to add to the list for Eslite, a bookstore chain that we will try in March. You like horror manga though so I’ll keep rhat under consideration. For me, perverted sure, sometimes horror no. Wonderful find. (!)

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