Pleasure Dome / Kanrakukyuu by Megumu Minami

Well… here’s a first.  Despite Pleasure DomeKanrakukyuu having been officially translated into English and published by KittyMedia, it does not seem to be available on any pirate sites, outside of a few .pdf…. which is a shame because there are several chapter that include some very lovely kinbaku/shibari.

I got this one, of course, at Quatrefoil Library….






First of all, the entire kink of this yaoi is: non-con/rape.  So, if that’s not your thing: move along, there’s nothing to see here.

There are five distinct stories in Pleasure Dome/Kanrakukyuu: “Pleasure Dome,” “Desire on Fire,” “Hell for a Fallen Angel,”Cantarella,” and “L’Amour Belong to You.”

The title chapter starts with our hapless hero, Roland, having been captured as an assassin.  By chance, his old rival, Oliver is a hostage/servant of the evil king. Oliver, it should be noted has the VERY BEST HAIR:


I am now officially a pirate. This is my own scan. Anyway, check out the HAIR.

The evil king, however, is pretty darned evil… and kicky as f*ck. In fact, it was kind of nice of Roland to show up because it saved him the trouble of kidnapping yet other hot dude to sexually enslave in his pleasure dome.  Since we’re stealing from poems anyway, (“Song of Roland,” anyone?–though the mangaka acknowledges the borrow in the back matter, at least,) let’s throw in some Coleridge, am I right?  I can not NOT start that:

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan 
A stately pleasure-dome decree:

But, anyway—getting back on track…

So, poor Roland, right? Evil king really wants him ready to be ‘deflowered’ as part of some kinky gathering of the local kinky dudes, so he puts Simon in charge of softening him up (or stretching him out, as the case may be.)  There are a lot of creative ‘training’ scenes, including a saddle device worthy of something out of The Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice (which, d’uh, I not only have read ALL of, but own). The big day comes (as it were!) and Roland is having none of it. He smacks up his would be deflowerer causing Simon to have to intercede to save his life… by becoming the stand-in deflowerer ‘natch!

This public sex/humiliation sparks their hidden love and the chapter ends with Simon and Roland teaming up to murder the kinky evil king.


Next we get a tale set in India during the British conquest. We have Bimbisara, an Indian warlord, who captures Errol, the commander of the British army. Bimbisara knows just how tough these British bastards are, so he’s not going to try physical torture. No, he’s going to break Errol by teaching him the Kama Sutra!

Here’s the black-and-white splash page so you can get a load of these guys:


It basically works.

At some point Bimbisara falls for Errol and decides to let him go, which turns out to be a bad idea because the British do not leave an area unconquered so guess who ends up captured next?  That’s right: Bimbisara. This turns out to be a good thing for Errol because since his release from Bimbisara, he can NOT satisfy himself. He’s tried. Oh, yeah, many times, but nothing it doing it for him. He really needs to have Bimbisara do him good, and, you know, when you’re the jailer you have privileges.  Except, turns out Bimbisara’s a pretty tough guy, too. The only way Errol can get Bimbisara to give him pleasure is to droozle himself in honey and milk.

Bimbisara later escapes by seducing a male guard, and Errol is pretty pissed off. When Bimbisara decides to kind of randomly take his life by lying out in the sun,  Errol is even madder… and so am I, because: what?

But, I guess that a love affair between the British and India is just not to be. Stars just a little too crossed, perhaps.

Next up is “Hell for Fallen Angel,” which is more capture and sexual torture porn. This time, we have a Christian who has fallen into the hands of the Japanese government in Maruyama during the Shogunate.  All I know about this time period, I learned from “Samurai Champloo” so that’s probably very historically accurate.

That’s okay, I doubt this is either.

For instance, I highly doubt that male prostitutes/whoremongers were hired to ‘seduce’ Christians until they renounce their God–although, who knows?  This particular chapter has the lovely kinbaku and a lot of talk about how the brothel owner used to be a Christian himself, but God let him down. His sister was taken, you see, and forced to be raped by a horse. That’s pretty awful right? Well, all his praying diid not help, so now he gleefully rapes Christians.

Apparently the Christian’s faith makes brothel proprietor weak. He’s going to let this amazingly resilient Christian go, but instead of just walking away and making a clean escape, Christian turns tables and captures brothel guy.  Somehow (and I mean, like there’s hardly any transition between panels,) brothel guy is about to be dumped into a pit of tortured souls–a place called Hell.

But it might just be that the Christian guy is an angel and brothel guy has been taken to  real Hell, because, lo and behold, there’s brothel guy’s sister, who is supposed to be dead.  Brother and sister start naked smooching, which makes Christian think “no, you were supposed to make me your lover… I can’t take this. He belongs to me,”  and we get this, with a line you can’t see which reads: Another angel falling…


The fourth story is an abrupt change of pace.  It’s a kind of spy-thriller maybe? Murder mystery? We have three step/half-brothers: Richard, Thomas, and Seishu. Seishu might not be related, actually–he might just have been the brothers’ father’s lover.

Regardless Richard has taken these two men hostage because he says his father has died under mysterious circumstances–probably poisoning–and he’s going to do sexy nasty things to them both until someone confesses.

This chapter has a LOT of sexy stuff. Tons of bondage and various S&M tortures abound.  I hate to admit how much I enjoyed that part.

But the story?  I’m not even sure I can keep it straight. Apparently the father used to stick absinthe up Seishu’s ass, get him so drunk that he hardly knew who he was fucking, which might actually have been Thomas (despite Thomas’s vows to become a priest).  And, maybe dad wasn’t involved at all because Richard sure knows a LOT of the intimate (as it were!) details.  The only confession that ends up coming out is a love confession between Seishu and Thomas, and somehow that’s actually what Richard wanted all along, because despite what he said? Dad died of a heart attack.


Good sexy times in that one, but not so much on the plot.

The last one was my least favorite partly because I had a nearly impossible time telling the two lovers apart.  Two guys literally run into each other on the street.  Like, this one guy, Cecil, is thinking about this horrible arranged marriage his family has made for him, and, not looking where he’s going plows into a another guy and gets knocked over.

A cute-meet, if I ever read one!

Except here’s where things get confusing.  He’s the heir to some massively important family (maybe? Or it’s the other guy, Louis?) and Louis talks Cecil into hiring him as a manservant.  When Louis presses Cecil as to why he was so distracted, Cecil admits he really can NOT with this arranged marriage.

Because they look so much alike, they agree to switch places for the big date, prince and the pauper style.


After the non-stop nakedness of the last chapter, I think my brain just found this one too “talkie” because it went on for a while and something got resolved–one of them was maybe impotent because of French maid (not kidding) who molested him, but luckily the magic of Teh Gay Sex cures that right up!

Then the story just sort of ends, probably with the guys in love, and I couldn’t have cared less because where were the anal eggs, you know?

I would totally recommend this one, if you could get it anywhere without paying for it. Oh, I know! You could take it out of the library!


4 thoughts on “Pleasure Dome / Kanrakukyuu by Megumu Minami

  1. This manga was infamous back when I came into the yaoi fandom and I am so happy to see it finding new fans today and knowing there is a official release I am definitely going to have to track a copy of this classic down. Thankyou for the review!!!

  2. This looks lovely. We have no such thing as a manga library here but I will persevere in my search. Persevere. Pervert. Hah.

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