Odoru Ecstasy/ To Dance in Ecstasy by Natsushita Fuyu

I guess I have to start the new year with a confession.  I’m a dirty old lady.  This is not probably news to some of you, but here’s the thing. I sometimes scroll down the yaoi hashtag on Tumblr.  Trust me, this is a fairly terrifying thing to do.  Some of the things you see can not be unseen, not matter how hard you try.

Then, sometimes I hit a piece of art that acts as a recommendation.

I saw a very graphic panel from Odoru Ecstasy that made me hunt it down. The story seems to be on-going, but there are only two chapters out currently.






So, remember Ten Dance? I reviewed it here some months ago.  It was a problematic yaoi about professional ballroom dancers, who were none the less hot and kind of compelling.

Well, Odoru Ecstasy is also about dancers and is also kind of problematic-yet-compelling, but in a different way.

Our hero, Suzushiroi, is a professional dancer.  He’s gone to an audition for a show called “Exit.” While he’s working on the number for his audition, he sees this total slacker dude who spends his entire practice time nodding off in the corner.  But, when slacker boy goes to dance, we find out that his name is Nagaya and he’s super talented. Like the electricity goes up in the room several notches, because he’s just that good.

Poor Suzushiroi figures, ‘Well, damn, that’s it. I’m not getting into the show.’  He goes to the bathroom to try to give himself a little pep talk and who should he run into but  hotty-slacker Nagaya.

Suzushiroi tries to be a good Japanese guy and, despite how awful it makes him feel, he tells Nagaya how impressed he was. Nagaya takes this as an invitation to rape him.


Um. It’s kind of worse, because Nagaya tosses a pill at Suzushiroi… which he accidentally swallows.


We find out it’s…


Things proceed from there.  Apparently Mr. Bathroom Assaulter, Nagaya, comes to dance practices with a giant bottle of lube at the ready, so it’s not just like awkward grabby assault, but full-on anal rape.

“No” here is also accompanied by punching, so it’s not like Suzushiroi is just being coy.

Worse, after stumbling out of the bathroom, Suzushiroi finds out he’s made it in, but as an alternate.  Rapey-Nagaya is in the cast.  There’s some creepy ‘I guess we’ll see each other again’ talk from Nagaya and then we go into the next chapter.

Where it kind of looks like maybe Suzushiroi is doing okay, because Nagaya has not showed up to a single rehearsal since the first day when he just insulted everyone’s talent. So, no more harassment off that guy, at least.  Of course, life still sucks for Suzushiroi because he’s stuck doing grunt work while everyone else practices. We find out that Suzushiroi, who was very adamant last chapter that he “likes girls,” has actually always wanted to share the dance stage with a particular guy–Hide.  The fact that Hide is in the show makes Suzushiroi’s non-participation that much harder for him to bear.  Here’s his chance… slipping away.

Then we cut to a scene of Nagaya masterbating to a tape of Suzushiroi’s dance audition. I suspect this is here so that we might think that maybe Nagaya’s random assault was actually something less nefarious (we did, btw, get an omake at the end of the last chapter that showed that the “pill” that was popped at Suzushiroi was actually a harmless peppermint Tic-Tac.)

The cast office has been trying to get Nagaya to show up because the show is about to go live.  I guess the reason they just don’t replace Nagaya with Suzushiroi is that pretty much everyone agrees that Nagaya might be a bastard, but he’s got Talent.  For some reason, Nagaya actually decides to show up, but it’s late at night so he’s not expecting anyone to be around. Lo and behold, there’s the man of his fantasies, Suzushiroi, practicing on his own.

Suzushiroi sees him and makes a run for it (like you would!) But, somehow Nagaya convinces him that they should dance together.

It’s, of course, amazing, and Suzushiroi thinks all sorts of thoughts like ‘just being with him makes my dancing more intense.’

When Suzushiroi admonishes Nagaya for wasting his prodigious talent, they have another fight about how much of an asshole/arrogant slacker Nagaya is. YET SOMEHOW they end up f*cking again.

I mean, punching is apparently foreplay for Nagaya and that’s more than a little problematic.

The art is pretty, though, and it’s graphic in all the right ways for me. If it was a little less rape-y, I’d be able to recommend it more strongly.

But that’s Tumblr for you, folks.


2 thoughts on “Odoru Ecstasy/ To Dance in Ecstasy by Natsushita Fuyu

  1. Rule 34 I guess. J-pop boy band. (although technically they don’t sing). Those costumes! The hair! I know much too much about k-pop for this one. Although the art is great. The random panel of a hand holding someone by the leg was v. appreciated. Takeshi’s sad costumed feet on a stretcher rolling off to the left when he is sabotaged in rehearsal by Nagaya. I would have NEVER read that one on my own.

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