May Miracle / Gogatsu no Kiseki by Kunieda Saika

I was on Mangagogo catching up on the latest Blood Bank, and I decided to do a search for something new to read.

Mangagogo has this whole page of things you can check and so I decided to try to stump it.  I checked that I wanted Mecha + Yaoi.  The search engine turned up exactly two.  One of them was this one: May Miracle / Gogatsu no Kiseki.






Normally, I’m not fond of humor, but I find I can take it in small doses.  Thirty-three pages is very doable, especially since this story is… ridiculous and… oddly charming.

We’re introduced to Seiji Murayama, an eighteen-year old college freshman.  He’s finally living on his own, way from his bustling family, and he’s enjoy it… but well, he’s a bit lonely.

When he opens the door to his apartment, a naked man is standing there–a giant foreign-seeming man who claims to be hurt when Seiji doesn’t recognize him. Random naked guy says his name is Alkyne Zed from Nebula M 801 (which, in the right font, looks a lot like M BOI.) As Alkyne is talking, Seiji has a horrible realization. He does know this guy.  Alkyne is–somehow–an upgrade of the cardboard robot Seiji built (and adored) in grade school.


The somehow is never explained, but, really, none of that is the point. The point is that Alkyne is sort-of-kind-of Seiji’s responsibility, and so Seiji, you know, makes him dinner, like you do.  Predictably, Seiji starts thinking that sign of impending sex: “Eh, he’s not that bad.”

Just as predictably, after this moment of ‘not being that bad,’ Seiji begins to run out of “energy.”

Oh, you can see where this is going, can’t you?


Only, there’s a bit of a twist.  As Alkyne is running out of energy, he shrinks down to fem size…


And… suddenly (creepily?) Seiji is super into robot sex.  (Even censored, invisible genital sex!)

I don’t know, maybe I just haven’t been reading these for so long that I’m willing to forgive all the stupidness, but this one actually amused me. I really liked the art style, too, the way that Alkyne was drawn in the artistic version of purple prose, and Seiji was almost cartoonish… I dunno, like I said, kind of weirdly charming.

Since it’s a one-shot, I say go for it. Read the whole thing, see if I’m out of my mind.


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