Shingeki no Kyojin 88

Shingeki no Kyojin 88 is out… and:






I think I said that I was giving up on this story before, but I really, really mean it this time.  Really.

I probably won’t stick to this resolution any more than I did the last time I made it. I’ll probably read the next one and think, “Why? Why did I do that to myself?”

Because, okay, now we have MAGIC??!!  Or, maybe we don’t, because, as usual, Isayama-sensei hedges, like he thinks maybe if he says “…or not! MAY-be everything is a lie…?” he’s being clever or something.

No.  Actually, NO.

A friend of mine pointed out, too, that this sudden veer into “maybe there’s a magical thread that binds all the Shifters together” (or whatever the f*ck it was about) feels like a betrayal of the ONE REMAINING COOL PART OF SnK, which is to say its science fictional feel.

Seriously, I was legitimately kind of excited to see that the picture found in Eren’s basement looked like it had come from our past, making their now into a distant future of our world.  I love that kind of sh*t.  I seriously do.

But, now, the science edge has been blunted by a handwave-y explanation of “I dunno: MAGIC??” and has kind of wrecked what little faith I had left in Isayama-sensei’s storytelling abilities.


But, you know, I guess SnK is still relevant and edgy because this sh*t is still happening:


Thanks, that’s just LOVELY.  I needed that.

Actually, no.  No, I didn’t at ALL.

I read the whole chapter and I had a sense that something we learned here was important, but the mental energy that it would take for me to connect the dots has gone the way of the f*cks I had to give.  Thing is, I no longer care what happens to Eren and crew. I really DON’T.

BY FAR, I found Berholdt and Reiner and Annie and the Shifters much, much more interesting, even as Isayama-sensei hacked them down into cardboard villains. Even THEN, I still cared more about their storyline than I did Eren’s.

I still don’t really understand why this is even Eren’s story at this point.  He’s clearly the one who inherited the 9-Titan power, but what the f*ck is even up with the Shifters then?  How did they get their power? Are they just the random descendants of the people tossed over the wall? And, if so, why do they want to destroy humanity? Is it just boring revenge for the centuries of mistreatment (which is WIERD, if only because no one has even discussed the idea of another ethnic group being discriminated against currently in anything we’ve read up to this point. I mean, maybe I’d buy that motive, IF THEY WERE STILL BEING MISTREATED.)

So, I dunno.

If I keep reading?  It’s because: MAGIC.


6 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 88

  1. So… apparently everyone is a fanatic to their ideals, and willing to do atrocious things “for the good of [insert higher power/authority]”. And apparently Eren inherited his name from Owl, and his anger from his father. Hell, is there ANYthing Eren has in terms of ability or motivations that we can say is entirely his own and not something he inherited from someone else?
    I’m so tired of this. I’m tired of feeling like that one .gif of the guy and his wall of papers all connected by string. I’m tired of trying to find some kind of happy hope within this manga. All I’m getting is “you inherit and are tainted by the sins of your ancestors no matter what you do/how pious you are/how loyal you are, literally everything is muddled, and then you die”.
    Shit, Isayama broke away from the scifi of this story and is going straight into magic with ZERO tangible clarity. There’s far, FAR too much hand-waving happening here with the magic and devilry to make it at all believable. As Grisha says, “So what is the truth?”
    According to Isayama, it’s subjective, and that we should be considerate of the evil people and what they think and believe and consider their view of the world just as real as anyone else’s. Which REALLY isn’t the kind of lesson that you would ever want to take away from fictional Nazis.
    I’m… I’m so tired. There’s nothing left about this manga that’s got me coming back every month anymore beyond “I read it this far, might as well try for the end to see if things get better”, and this chapter kinda cinched it. There is no getting better. There is no breaking the cycle. All the good people are dead, if there ever WERE any good people in this world.
    TL;DR my fucks for this are no more.

    • Yes. This. So much this. I really, really hate the whole inheritance thing, which I have ranted about here before, but you really underscored it again for me. You and I my friend, we shall give no fucks together!

      • It took me hours to realize the important thing we were being alluded toward in this chapter, and I still can’t muster any fucks to be interested in: there are no Shifters in the walls at all, meaning we’ve only accounted for seven of the nine Shifters (technically there’s currently six, because Eren doubled down, but still), and that Eren probably has the most years left to this fight. I should be interested in that mystery of the last two titan shifters, but I’m not. Let’s be bonded over our lack of fucks given!

      • Let’s! This is one of the many things that make me sad/crushed in 2016. I ADORED this manga when it first came out… well, okay, admittedly I came to the manga after the anime, but still! The point is, I am made sad that I’ve been worn down to a place where I really don’t even care. Probably because at this point, I worry Isayama-sensei will simply reach for the most obvious, lowest hanging fruit and surprise, Levi is a shifter. Or Jean… (actually, that would actually be interesting, particularly if he were on the other side, since he’s literally the only person left with any semblance of a soul.)

  2. well, how do you expect the author to explain about titan. can YOU explain it with science? nope. you’re just being pitiful pigface. also stop being delusional, attack on titan manga still sell 1-2 million copies while your favorite ao no exorcist stuck at 500 thousands copies. you got shitty taste, face it 😂😂😂😂

    • Actually, I had a couple of really cool ideas about what might cause the Titans. Before we knew what Erin’s flashback about the syringe was about, I speculated that all the Titans might be the product of a kind of plague—possibly intentionally started by the government. There seemed to be things that fit with that, like how Connie’s mom had turned into a Titan. Has that been explained?

      For me, that’s the fun of being a fan of a thing–speculating about what might be coming in plot and whatnot.

      I’d be careful, if I were you, with making the argument that because something sells well that fact alone is proof of quality of writing. Have you read Bridges of Madison County? How about 50 Shades of Grey? Popular does not automatically equal good writing. Things are popular for all sorts of reasons, but not necessarily because they are a paragon of good writing.

      You also seem personally offended by my statement of my opinion about this manga. My dislike of this manga shouldn’t reflect on you. You’ve clearly read my reviews, so you must know my taste in things. My taste is just what it is–mine and highly subjective. Obviously, yours is yours, and we’re both allowed our own takes on things. There’s really no need to bring my face into it. If you want to make an argument supporting your opinions, I welcome debate.

      Feel free to come back when you want to talk.

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