Sornari ni Shinken nandesu by Asou Kai


Only Serious About You/Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu was one of the yaoi that my library had collected.  I actually read this several weeks ago, but forgot to review it in my post-election trauma.





Apparently, single dads in Japan are very much in danger of catching Teh Gay.  If you recall this is something that also happened to single dad of a daughter in  Himegoto Asobi/Hide and Seek by Yaya Sakuragi.

Oosawa is a cook at a local eatery, and very-busy, try-hard single dad.  He’s long been curious about long-time customer, Yoshioka, who is a very flirtatious, out gay man who seems to not only have a string of lovers, but also is very cavalier about them all. In fact, I like the way that it’s hinted that maybe Oosawa isn’t as straight as he thinks he is because he’s kept very intense track of each and every one of Yoshioka’s lovers.

But, Oosawa  don’t have time for love.  He’s a very serious guy, and Yoshioka seems to be completely the opposite.

But when Chizu, the Oosawa’s little girl, gets a fever, things change.

Oosawa is in a crunch between work and taking care of Chizu.  Oosawa would take the time off, but the boss is out, and there’s no one to sub.  Yoshioka offers to step in and help. Turns out, Yoshioka’s apartment is close by and can help check in on her.  Yoshioka makes jokes about seducing Oosawa, but is a perfect gentlemen.  More than that, he’s excellent with kids.

Eventually, Oosawa comes to realize that Yoshioka is a decent guy and they fall in love.

What I remember liking about this two volume manga is that the romance is super SLOW burn.  I found the character development very believable.  I also enjoyed the fact that Oosawa’s ex wife is on scene–in fact, one of the more heartbreaking moments is when Oosawa agrees to turn Chizu over to his ex-wife for full custody… and it becomes pretty clear why she’s an ex, actually.

And, of course, why Yoshioka is so much better for him.

I’m probably just a big sap, but I really ended up loving this one.



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