Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou/ Let’s Make Forbidden Love by Oomi Tomu

My manga reading has been very random since the loss of Bleach. I’m still preferring things that involve very little commitment from me (even 10 chapters seems like a lot to me these days).  So, I’ve hitting the “surprise me” button at MangaPanda a LOT.

Kindan no Koi wo Shinyou was another “surprise me.”

The “surprise me” button can be very dangerous because I’ve made a rule for myself that no matter what I get, I will read it.  The only time I make exceptions is if I’ve already read the manga or the chapter count exceeds 100.


So much of this was not for me…. but for you, gentle reader, I soldiered on.

Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou/Let’s Make Forbidden Love is, I guess, a story that skirts the edges of exploring beastiality, in so much that a lot of werewolf stories do.  Okay, you’re saying, Lyda, that’s not the same.  Werewolf stories are about all sorts of things, but not really about schtupping  a doggie.

You know, you’re right.

Thing is?  In this story Yatou is not a human who becomes a wolf at full moon; he’s a wolf who can become human at night, when the moon is out.





In fact, there’s an entire chapter in which our young heroine, Hisako, is jealous of a female Huskie who shows up at the shop she works at.  Yeah, I’m not kidding.  There’s a lot of discussion about how Yatou isn’t human, but a wolf, and how it’s much more natural for him to be attracted to OTHER WOLVES.

There’s at least one scene, an illustrated omake, where Yatsou, in his wolf form, licks between Hisako’s legs.

So, there’s that.

But, here’s the thing, I actually LIKED this aspect of the story.  Not necessarily the parts where there was licking (but whatever. Not my kink, but no shame if it’s yours), but I thought that the author did some interesting things in terms of exploring the relationship between humans and their pets/wild animals, which it made the whole werewolf thing feel fresh, honestly.  In fact, I would have probably enjoyed more chapters of that sort of thing (there are really only four, the fifth one is an unrelated vampire story which I didn’t read.) Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fade-to-black sex and Hisako being trapped in the wolf’s amber gaze.

So much gazing.

But I guess that’s part of what legitimately makes wolves fascinating, right? That alien, intense gaze of theirs.


Yeah, and then there’s the art style.

To be fair to Oomi-sensei, this manga was published in 2000, which is a long time ago now (though this style, for some reason, always reminds me of the late 1970s/early 1980s, probably because I was watching “Star Blazers” at the time.)

If you can’t stand this kind of over-exaggerated, elongated style I wouldn’t blame you. The only thing to recommend Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou is that it’s vaguely interesting and very, very short.

If you’re curious, here’s a link to it:

For those of you who may be anxious for me to return to yaoi, never fear, I will be doing that presently.  I had a very SLOW shift at the library the other day and I did some category searching through the catalogue and basically requested every single manga title that fit: gay men–graphic novels and comics.

Sadly, of course, this was exactly three. One of which I’ve already read and reviewed here, What Did You Eat Yesterday?  But, the other two should be coming (as it were!) in the next couple of days. I already got a notice that one of the volumes came in, but, of course, it was the second volume in a three volume set.  I’m going to wait and see if the other two come in the next couple of days. If not, I may just review things out of order!  (It may actually be that I’ll get notified that the others are missing. This happens with a lot of things that are explicit. I think they’re taken both by people who really really crave teh pron and ALSO by people who think such things shouldn’t exist.)

Until next time!  Ja mata! (or, if we’re close enough in your estimation: Ja ne!)


10 thoughts on “Kindan no Koi wo Shiyou/ Let’s Make Forbidden Love by Oomi Tomu

  1. I am all about the animal transformation god spirit thing but no. The art says no thanks. I think I’m gonna read your ‘the management’ instead. I was saving it and all souls day seems like a good choice for thinking about Aizen.

  2. Ah, and then I disappointed you by not having nearly enough spooky Aizen threat! Sorry! 🙂
    Yeah, the art was… difficult, but I think that I tolerate it better given that my very first anime was Star Blazers and very much had this style.

    • I’m super spoiled, my first manga was Blade of the Immortal. Gorgeous art. We thought Bleach was sometimes crappy visually. You never disappoint fictionally. I was in an odd mood and for some reason waited and waited to read the new chapter to cheer myself up. Purpose served.

      • I’m glad I cheered you up, at least. It’s been very, very hard for me to be motivated to any Bleach writing (or writing of any kind.)

        I don’t think I’ve ever read Blade of the Immortal. Another one for the list!

  3. A little Sappho for this evening, titled ‘to one who loved not poetry’:
    “You lie dead, and there will be no memory left behind
    Of you or yours in all the earth, for never did you bind
    With the roses of Pierian springs still upon your brow; your doom
    Is now to be with unknown ghosts in cold and nameless gloom.”
    So there, replace ‘poetry’ with ‘Bleach’ and there you have it… a little curse. (The Pierian spring is in Macedonia and a reference to the (manga) muses who obviously in this case have been cruelly shunned by Kubo et al.). I’m procrastinating my NaNoMo requirement for today. Can you tell?

  4. I signed up for NaNoMo once. I was so disheartened by watching my word requirement slip further and further away that I quit early and never went back (this is during a time I was easily writing 2,000 words a day in fan fic.) Turns out I’m adverse to STRUCTURE, as imposed by outside forces.

    What are you working on?

    I’ve decided not to join NaNoMo, but to try to use November to finish up a sequel to Precinct 13 which I hope to self-publish.

    • I have been working on, unsurprisingly for me if you know me, a fantasy novel set in HK. Police procedural with extra gods. Either called Dust or Horse. AO3 has the entire thing. I’d like to actually finish it this year. We’ll see. I don’t write every day and yes the structure is brutal if you are working on only one piece. Not being a dilettante I have other things to do all day. I’m nervous but proud of it. Very much a first draft. I warmed up to the original work by writing ff every Tuesday night last year. Attempting 2500 words each time. That was extremely fun. Mostly bleach. I loved it. Also on ao3.
      I enjoy your writing of any kind. I’m happy to fill in some dimensions on authors I like by reading blogs or their twitter or what have you. Your reviews are a good way to share you without being overbearing (which I hope I am not).

      • You are so NOT. I love hearing from you! A fantasy police procedural novel sounds fantastic. I want to read it when it’s done (hopefully that will motivate you to finish, not make you abandon it in abject fear.) I will totally be your gamma reader–after all the beta(s) are done with you.

      • Did you know that I found you in the first place on AO3 search for ‘Renji+explicit’? Always the hallmark of a great relationship start. Snort.
        Gamma you are. It’s a deal.

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