Hakushi no Tsukurishi Inu/The Dog Created by the Professor by Duo Brand (Haruka Akatsuki & Nobuyoshi Watanabe)



My first science fiction yaoi!

However, I feel like , maybe, Duo Brand (Haruka Akatsuki and Nobuyoshi Watanabe) were watching Blade Runner together one night and thought, “You know what would be cool?  Hot replicants who were also furries.”

And, I’m not entirely sure they’re wrong.

Not entirely sure they’re right, either, but… there are some interesting bits here (and not just the naughty bits).





First of all, the world of Hakushi no Tsukurishi is a dark, futuristic world where there is apparently high demand for artificial human-like creatures called ‘chimera.’  (Read: replicant : super strong, artificial extra-human.) Like the replicants of Blade Runner, they’re a bit on the child-like side.

They seem to be… hmmmm, maybe mostly sex slaves?

But, it’s really not clear, though there are a LOT of them, so many, in fact, that the professor tends to think of himself as a machinist, just grinding out order after order after order.


All those containers have chimera in them…

Even though his personal chimera, Kusanagi, pleasures him, the professor isn’t really sure Kusanagi is intelligent.  There is a lot of gazing into Kusangi’s big, brown eyes and saying really sensitive stuff like, “Ah, if only you could understand me!” (And  then when Kusanagi talks a few panels later, I was  actually kind of shocked because I figured maybe he couldn’t, if the prof was talking to him like that!)

It takes a misunderstanding and the help of some decidedly creepy chibi doll-like proto-chimera to get ‘our boys’ back together. (Bonus: these creepy things follow the prof around and stare balefully at him like some kind of miniature Greek chorus from Hell.)


Look at these creeptastic things!

See, it turns out the professor is barely sentient enough to remember his own birthday, but his dog/sex-slave not only did, but bought him a present.

Luckily, the professor knows right where Kusanagi will go: the clock face of Big Ben (or similar future clock tower)  While, hanging out of the edge of this edifice the prof confesses his mistake.  What he’s not expecting is that Kusanagi has figured out that he’s modeled after the prof’s ex-lover/ex-mentor and is decidedly disappointed by this revelation–you know, having not only thought himself unique, but also as not entirely some kind of psychological plaything for the prof.

Weirdly, this is not a big hiccup in their relationship, because, you know, the present was thoughtful, and they seem to be all back together by the end.

Not a lot of sex (one early very ‘implied’ scene right at the start), and the art style, as you can see, is kind of retro wispy.  I was intrigued by the “science fiction” yaoi label, but the rest was kind of a disappointment.

This is where having further chapters/volumes might be a good thing..?  According to Baka-Updates there are two whole volumes available in Japan, though only this one single chapter has been scanlated.

Even though I personally would hope for a continuation of the main story where Kusanagi grows a back bone and goes off to be his own man/dog, I suspect if anyone could find the raws of the rest of this, they’d reveal a series of shorts with other characters and situations.  This idea/this universe, I’m sure, is just too porn-y not to play around with. I mean, who doesn’t love the whole master/slave + dog thing?


Well, if you ARE curious, you can read it here: http://www.mangapanda.com/hakushi-no-tsukurishi-inu 

8 thoughts on “Hakushi no Tsukurishi Inu/The Dog Created by the Professor by Duo Brand (Haruka Akatsuki & Nobuyoshi Watanabe)

  1. Have you tried ‘Ginkaku Hakase to Marmot’? Our fave Ike Reibun is the mangaka. No idea what she was trying out here but it is zany. And yes. Sex a plenty. Also apparently everyone in the future is in Spandau Ballet.

  2. I enjoy your ‘surprise me’ recommendations as I would probably never find them myself. Then they remind me of ones I’ve read before and then I suddenly I am procrastinating terribly with the rest of my life.

    • I’m really glad you point me to other things, too! So it’s a win/win. I was just thinking that I ought to go back through your comments and make a list and spend a couple of weeks reading and reviewing only things you have recommended.

  3. I’ve probably recommended the same manga four times to you at this point. I generally forget details like that. Enjoy your lists.
    If I was doing it all over again I would have totally gotten a PhD in manga/anime. I lean towards complicated historical folktale scurrilous sex interesting art yakuza urban sci fi. But treating those signifiers as a Venn diagram not as required ingredients. It means I have a lot to choose from.

    • Yes! I swear you could probably get a PhD in yakuza yaoi alone, but then all the rest?

      Did you know? I seriously considered going to graduate school for popular culture. I looked into a few programs-there was one in Canada (Banff, maybe?) and one in Bowling Green (Ohio?). Obviously, I didn’t end up pursuing it, but I basically am now.

  4. And we’ve both managed to avoid the wretched grad school curse to continue on with our manga filled lives! Best of both worlds.

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