Escape by Kyuugou


Bitter-sweet? I’d say, heavy on the bitter….

I randomly tried a one-shot called Escape.





Shouta is a college student who works part-time at a video store. He has an unrequited crush on a salaryman who stops by the store every day.


Their relationship is entirely based on movie recommendations.  It’s shallow, but salaryman, Shiraishi, must know what’s going on.  The kid isn’t exactly subtle as his dreadlocked boss points out.

But, Shouta is a red-blooded boy, so he gets his kicks elsewhere… namely with skeevy, smoker Karaki.


There’s a lot to dislike about this guy. For one, he seems to have “wooed” our hero by telling him that they’re not boyfriends, because Shouta is really only good for one thing (hint: it’s not chatting.) On top of that, he’s said he’s only doing Shouta because it’s easier than doing girls. Boys are tighter, you see, and he can cum inside without worrying about consequences (though I am NOT seeing condoms, so I’m not sure how well Karaki has thought through all the “consequences.”)

Karaki also figures he can be as rough as he wants because, you know, boys are harder to break.

So, yeah, he’s a douchebag.  There is literally nothing likable about this guy.

After passing out after a bout of rough sex, Shouta accidentally murmurs the name of his salaryman in his sleep.  This awakens the green-eyed monster in Karaki.  And, oh boy, is it a MONSTER.

What happens next is… predictable, I suppose.  Karaki, who is at Shouta’s school gives him some lingering looks, which maybe is supposed to soften our opinion of him?  But, then when they meet up again there’s physical violence and rape (Shouta says no.)

 But, because this is yaoi, Shouta sees “that look” in Karaki’s eyes and decides that this is what passes as affection from Karaki and is determined to fall in love with him, The End.

Okay….. so, I can’t be too judgmental because in many ways I’ve written fan fic not unlike this.  But, if I were a better artist, I would write a sequel to Escape in which Shouta actually does manage an escape from Karaki.  Because, I’m sorry; this is sad.  I have some pretty dark kinks myself, but I’m still a romantic, and settling for some a$$hole who abuses you is SUPER NOT romantic (unless you give me a million words of convincing–which is what I try to do in my fic).

In my nonexistent sequel, salaryman Shiraishi comes to the video store the next day, sees abused Shouta, asks him what’s going on, and RESCUES THE F*CK OUT OF HIM.

I think this is plausible within “canon,” because, if you look at the way Shiraishi looks at Shouta, you can kind of tell that Shiraishi is on to the crush.  He might not want to do something about it because he already has a boyfriend or is deeply closeted, but it seems pretty obvious from the fact that he comes to the video store at the same time every day, that he’s getting something out of this, too.

I actually would really love to read a story where Shiraishi takes Shouta home to his boyfriend and says, “Look, honey, I’m sorry, but we have to adopt this kid for a while.” Then, the story switches to a slice-of-life where the three of them learn to become a kind of queer family, and maybe even a threesome/ménage à trios.  Of course, now I’m imagining a x-over with Shiro and Kenji form What Did You Eat Yesterday? and this poor kid.  I feel like Shiro would make him all the good food and Kenji would try to set him up with “someone nice.”

THIS WOULD BE ADORABLE, SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS. (I know what I’m asking for for Yuletide now!!)


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