Let’s Take the Train Together, Shall We? #10-14

Somehow I missed a bunch of these!  The bonus is that I got to read a whole slew at once, which is lovely.  If you’ve not caught up either, you can find them all here: http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/lets-take-the-train-together-shall-we-r18448 (official scanlation site.)





If these two don’t end up as lovers by the end, there will be gross sobbing and possibly a little raging from me. I can no longer pretend I won’t be devastated if this ends in a platonic way.  Also, if these two just end up bro’friends at the end?  Sally-sensei is a queer baiting son-of-a-b*tch!

Because Chapter 10 is literally about how Chen Yuchen is having an extremely sh*tty day until he sees Li Tingyu in his street clothes.  Seriously.  Just seeing Tingyu in casual clothes lifts the cloud from Chen Yuchen’s day.


Listen, I have some really awesome friends in my life with whom I have a 100% platonic relationship with, but they usually lift me out of  my crappy mood by talking to me about their lives or hanging out with me.  I do not get happy just by seeing them in cute clothes.

When I see my wife coming out of work in her cute shoes and a kicky skirt? Holy sh*t, yes. Just watching her walk will bring a smile to my face, brighten my day–before I even talk her.

Do you see the difference?

I don’t think that people in Taiwan are that much culturally different than people in the U.S.  Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe bro’mances are really different in Taiwan. Maybe guys there are just more laissez fair about it all. “Dude! Cute shoes! OMG, they make me so happy! How do they make you feel?” But, I have tons of girls who are my friends who do not make my day just by wearing something I’ve never seen them in before.  Hell, half the time I don’t notice when my friends who are girls get new glasses or change their hair, but that might be part of being a lesbian.  So, maybe this isn’t a Taiwan/U.S. thing, maybe this is a straight thing.  Maybe straight people really get happy when they see their other straight friends looking good.


Especially since the next three chapters are all about the guys finally exchanging phone numbers and then spending a lot of their waking hours wondering why the other one won’t call.

Plus, we do get some full-on queer baiting/fan service, when the two high school girls who were hoping to score some adult salaryman action try to get closer to Chen Yuchen and Li Tengyu again, and, when the train breaks suddenly, slam the two men “too close” together.  This ends with a bloody nose from Chen Yuchen, which has its own kind of cultural double-entendre, but in this case is actually cause by a hard skull whacking into a nose.

So, yeah, what to make of where this is going…. I’m not sure.

Let’s Take the Train Together, Shall We? is not, so far as I know, listed as a yaoi, so I can’t be certain things are going to go as they should.  In fact, what I’m suspecting is going to happen next is that now that Li Tengyu’s overly touchy boss is sitting next to him on a the train and is more a little sloshed, having had an afternoon client meeting at the Taiwanese version of an izakaya, there’s going to a Big Misunderstanding between our boys when touchy-feely boss gets a little too physically friendly with Tengyu.

Now, how that’s going to play out will be interesting.  Is there going to be a whole lot of Chen Yuchen avoiding Li Tengyu because “OH SHIT HE’S A HOMO!” or what?

I don’t know, but things could go terribly, terribly wrong from here.

Someone hold me.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Take the Train Together, Shall We? #10-14

  1. Yes. And don’t you just love all those loaded looks, inane texting and that huffing grumpy arm crossing? Sigh. Yes I do want to take that train.

  2. Hellooooooooo.
    I was googling the name of this webtoon and your site popped up, got curious and took a look.
    Glad to see you’re enjoying this little pet project of ours.:’D
    Just a few points I’d like to make:
    1) This webtoon would probably fall under the ‘bromance’ tag. I’m not sure how familiar you are with TV, but I’m talking bromance like between McGarrett and Danno on Hawaii 5-0 kinda way.
    2) I’m not familiar with the yuri/yaoi genres, so I’m not sure what meets the benchmark for legit ‘queer-baiting’. but this is a series meant for the light-hearted, so perhaps try not to read too much into the plot, or you may find yourself frustrated or disappointed in some ways.
    3) I strongly advise you to read it on our Batoto/Blogspot instead, where we release directly! Just google Traumerei Scans and you should be able to find it. Agg. sites just steal our uploads.
    4) We have a discord server where staff and readers alike congregate to talk about their fav series. There’s currently 80 of us, so it’s pretty lively! Link is on our website, so pop by for a visit if you feel like it!
    5) Yea, ‘manhua’ is actually the parent word that ‘manga’ and ‘manhwa’ are derived from, as both Korean and Japanese have roots in Chinese.
    Thanks for the love!

    • Cool. My apologies for picking up your scanlation elsewhere, but I only found the title by accident. So, now that I know a more official place to go, I’d be more than happy to direct people there!

      And as for my benchmark for queer-baiting, it wouldn’t be your problem, anyway, right? The author is going to write the story they want and queer readers are going to react the way they do. For myself, bromance is legit. I’ve just been burned recently by mangaka who aren’t writing shippy stories who feel the need to make sure to spray ‘no homo’ on fan favorites who read as potentially queer. So, what I’m saying is, that’s *my* problem.

      Although, I did just go to the first thing that popped up on a Google search of Traumerei Scans, and the images on the blogspot blog make me think you actually know exactly what queer-baiting is….

      • Yes hello, I am the person who made those images cause I was extremely bored while cleaning the pages. ConvictionSC is our darling translator who only translates the train as it is written by the author, while I sometimes make the ‘fake’ typesets depicting Tingyu and Yuchen(my two babies) as full on homosexuals. If you were to come to our discord, you can fin a whole channel dedicated to those typesets(as well as just any talk about “Let’s take the train together, shall we?”. The manhua itself is a bromance that won’t have them ending up dating, so, for my own amusement (and torturing ConvictionSC at first, till she didn’t start finding them funny). Now they are like a thing I do for almost every chapter, making 1-6 typesets per a chapter if I have time and inspiration, but in no way do they represent what the actual comic is about.

        I’m glad that you’re enjoying our work, but please don’t look too deep into it. With how it’s going it might end up disappointing you. If it were just any manga that was going to end up as a yaoi, the author would give a bunch more hints towards their relationship. Honestly, Yuchen just seems like a guy who rarely opens up to people and has people open up to him, so I think he is just happy seeing Tingyu cause hey, that person enjoyed spending time with me, that’s really nice.

        You’ll see in a later chapter(if you didn’t already) that he literally drops what he is doing to meet up with Tingyu. Honestly, as queer as you can see that, I honestly think he is just fond of him in a friendly manner. Like, I have a friend who once called me literally minutes after I got home from a long day in school and she asked me to come over and I just dropped my things and headed to her place. Like, a lot of people think I’m gay for her and/or that we’re dating, while we’re just really close friends and we enjoy spending time together. And that is how I see Tingyu’s and Yuchen’s relationship… Cause they remind me of me and her and I would REALLY love it if they just stayed that way, as friends, which is probably the author’s thought as well.

        I made the queer-baiting, homosexual typesets out of boredom.
        They are just friends and will 99.99% stay that way :3

      • Okay.

        I’m not sure what you want from me.

        I, like you, am allowed to read for pleasure and to read whatever I like into a story I’m reading. This is what fans get to do. You clearly also enjoy imagining our heroes in this particular manhua as gay or you wouldn’t make up little screen shots “for your amusement.”

        I can read as deeply as I want into anything. You don’t get to decide how I read. Neither does the author. I, myself, am a published author, and so one of the things I know is that people always put their own interpretation on words. That’s part of the fun of putting things out into the world–to see how people react to them.

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