I Love, Love You / Boku wa Anata ni Koi o Suru by Ichikawa Kei

So, okay, I decided today to give the old ‘tsundere uke’ search option a try. I have to admit that I was surprised by the number of hits that came up. I think the search engine is a little broad because not all of the manga it generated in this list seemed to be yaoi.  But, I may be working my way down some of these, just because I can.

But first, a friend of mine managed to find the THIRD chapter of Suteneko no Karute/ Love Song for an Abandoned Cat. (It’s very cute, highly recommended. The fourth chapter, however, follows another couple. That story is also sweet, but very different. Don’t be as surprised by the sudden change as I was).





I Love, Love You / Boku wa Anata ni Koi o Suru  is an office romance, slice-of-life yaoi that made me wonder if ‘tsundere uke’ simply meant that instead of copious crying, there would be complaining during sex on the ‘uke’s’ part.

Also, this is the second time that, after the confession that our hero is gay, we get this massive concern and a line like: “Don’t you find that disgusting? Aren’t you horrified?”

Which kind of just makes me sad, but, you know, I think it’s suppose to.


Okay, so, here we have Makasi, a new employee at some office or other.  He’s being trained by grumpy, curmudgeon Korokawa (skinny-a$$ hotty pictured above.)  Korokawa is the kind of sempai that everyone hates. In fact, it’s kind of amazing to everyone in the office how long Makasi has lasted under his tutelage.

Literally, two thirds of this one-shot manga is office drama.  To be fair, I find Japanese office culture kind of fascinating. This story, for instance, opens with Makasi being sent to wake up Korokawa, who has apparently overnighted–like you do–in the company’s nap room (because there’s a nap room.)  Voluntary overtime seems pretty standard. In fact, apparently there’s a term called sabisu zangyo that partly explains this phenomenon. Then, of course, too, there is the whole exchanging business cards etiquette….

At any rate, Makasi is chosen as part of a team to go to a conference. The conference is in some part of town he seems to know well, but is VERY RELUCTANT to return to for some reason.

Dunt duh DAH…..

Right, so the conference goes well.  But our heroes are basically ordered to go out drinking–again ,a thing called nomikai, which you see A LOT in various manga. But, unlike the usual nomikai, the bosses actually bail–leaving our heroes to their own devices.

When Makasi has an awkward encounter with a former coworker, Makasi suggest they go somewhere closer to home, like, maybe his home.

Oh, myyyyyy.

Once at Makasi’s place, Korokawa bullies out of Makasi what the deal was with the weird exchange between him and his former colleague.  Here’s where we get the “ARGH I’M GAY, ISN’T THAT SO GROSS!!? YOU’RE GOING TO HATE ME NOW” drunken confession. Apparently, Makasi got fired for being gay at his last job.

Dude. Here is where it would actually be nice to be in America.  They can’t do that here, and you have legal recourse, because that’s not okay.

But, apparently, it’s still totally a thing in Japan. In fact, being fired for being gay really messed up Makasi and he was groundless for a long time and even spent time abroad trying to outlive the shame of it all.

Korokawa is shocked, but not grossed out. In fact, he’s just drunk enough to not even really  be bothered by much of anything.  Makasi, meanwhile, is just drunk enough to think it’s a good idea to go all the way with his straight boss and to blurt out a very sloppy love confession while taking advantage of his drunken sempai, which is the title of this piece, “I love, love you.”

It’s… I dunno. The sex is pretty average, goes right for anal, and… then there’s a lot of morning-after guilt.

Not a huge turn on for me, personally.

I also find the trope this manga ends on kind of odd. It’s the one in which the previously straight guy is all, “Whelp, that was good times” and is completely unfazed by having spent the night with some dude.  That was exactly how Youhei was after being coached through topping our neko hero of Suteneko no Karute/ Love Song for the Abandoned Cat.  Apparently, it’s just a thing, because, literally there’s Masaki all guilt-stricken and near tears and Korokawa shrugs it off with a, “Whatever,  man, I’m hungry, make me breakfast.”

Because he has no food in the house, Makasi ends up asking Korokawa out on their first date.

I think the cutest moment is when, after Makasi kisses Korokawa, and asks him about it, he has this reaction:


I don’t know. I’m kind of amused by the drunken grumpy stare that ends with an ‘OMG wait what?’

But, eh, this one was all right. Nothing to write home about, as it were.


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